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For add-on sales, InSPAration offers a choice of 36 fragrances including spa liquids and crystals


Creating a luxury hot tub experience means paying attention to detail and picking the right accessories can make all the difference. The Visionlift hot tub cover lifter from Golden Coast keeps the cover out of sight by positioning it to the back of the spa where it rests on the deck or patio — giving […]

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THE NEW SUPERIOR WELLNESS RANGE promises outstanding hydrotherapy and great value for money


In the current climate, forecasting for 2021 has become increasingly important, not just for manufacturers and distributors but also for dealerships. The demands for hot tubs worldwide have seen a squeeze on the supply chain and lead times have continued to extend outwards. With this in mind, forward-thinking Superior Wellness has signed an exclusive agreement […]

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sub 1


O-Care’s repeat business philosophy is paying off for retailers and their customers… Hot tub retailers are being urged to think outside of the typical chlorine and bromine box by investing in profitable O-Care water treatment sales techniques. Retailers can earn £100 a year per client from O-Care sales with a lifetime subscription sign-up value of […]

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DUE TO INCREASED OVERHEADS, retailers need to rethink their pricing structures. Pic. Library


After a year that can only be described as a rollercoaster ride, what can we expect from 2021, writes Rob Carlin, managing director of Superior Wellness. 2020 has seen a huge increase in new start-ups and also established companies, moving into the hot tub market, typically in the entry range of products which are sold […]

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Reporting from the UK Pool & Spa Awards… The 2020 UK Pool & Spa Awards recognised investment in the hot tubs and swim spa sector that had soared by an estimated 75%. Believed to be worth some £300 million pounds annually, the residential spa sector saw an unprecedented rise in demand as home-owners, unable to […]

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THE 2021 PWTAG VIRTUAL CONFERENCE will revolve around the impact of COVID on public pools in the UK and around the world


The 2021 PWTAG Virtual Conference will take place on Wednesday March 3rd and will focus on sharing experience and knowledge in the Covid-19 era. The conference theme will revolve around the one issue that has dominated our lives for the past year. And that applies to pools and spas of course. The open and close […]

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EXAMS DELAYED Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty around the restrictions currently in place and that may be in place, it will not be possible for us to hold the ISPE Student Exams in March 2021, as planned As many students will be busy with work after March, we are postponing the exams to September or even […]

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EXTENDED PRODUCTION will enable Niveko to considerably cut delivery times


To help meet the current unprecedented demand for residential pools, Niveko has added a 2,550m2 one-piece pool production facility to its existing complex, near Uherský Brod, in the Czech Republic, increasing manufacturing capacity by 50 – 70% and considerably cutting delivery times. The new hall is fitted out with the very latest technology to increase […]

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A luxurious pool offering from the Simplex team… Simplex Swimming Pools is a family run company based on Hayling Island, South Hampshire. Their work takes them to key geographic areas such as Hampshire, South London, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Dorset and Wiltshire. Alongside retail and mail order services for all pool, spa, sauna and […]

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COVERS SUCH AS THE DEL TIXIT reduce dependency on electric heating


Making your customers’ pools more environmentally friendly is easier than you might think thanks to a range of products available from Golden Coast. DEL slatted automatic pool covers for instance come with the option of solar polycarbonate slats, which use the sun’s rays to effectively heat a pool. Covers such as the DEL Tixit reduce […]

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Heatstar play vital hotel role… Located in the historical region of Maramures, Northern Romania, the Mirage Resort Hotel is surround by beautiful mountains and outside views, and thanks to the introduction of a new spa and leisure facilities those beautiful views can now be found on the inside too. The new Lotus SPA came up […]

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Sunbeach competition


**COMPETITION TIME** It’s been a trying time for all of us and one thing that has kept us going is music. This is Sonny, he’s the newest member of the Sunbeach Spas team and we thought we would celebrate the love of music by giving away 20 Bluetooth speakers! TO ENTER… Tell us which page […]

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9. Aqua Spa Supplies Lektra - High Res


The Lektra was designed to be an easy, affordable solution to cleaning your hot tub or swimming pool. It’s perfect for getting rid of small leaves, stones and other bits of debris that have fallen to the bottom of pools and spas. The lightweight design possesses a battery powered pump, with a powerful suction and […]

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2. Superior_ Barcelona


Platinum Spas are pleased to announce the launch of the new Barcelona hot tub. Key features include four pumps (three hydrotherapy and one circulation pump) with quadruple insulation – keeping the water warm. The Barcelona comes with 86 jets leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Other features include the dual lounger, fountains, waterfall, backlit jets, […]

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spa ease 200

SpaEase 200

The SpaEase 200 is the ultimate in hydraulic cover lifters and it’s also the easiest to use. Built to the Highest Quality Standards the SpaEase 200 is the only hot tub cover lifter that uses steel where it’s needed, and aluminium where it’s required. The SpaEase 200 is the same lifter used in the VacuSeal […]

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5.Relax Pool & Spa Cartridges group shot with single INTEX & BESTWAY


Plastica have developed their own range of filter cartridges. The Pod System is compatible with 20g tablets and is available to be used with the most popular cartridges that feature either a removable lid or build-in shelf to hold the dosing Pod. The lid is part of a compatible cartridge and the Dosing POD is […]

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1. Venturi Pump


Venturi Pump is a new type of totally submersible pump, ideal for fast emptying of hot tubs and above ground pools. It connects to a standard garden hose and comes with 4 flexible hoses each 1.3metres long. The Venturi Pump will empty the average hot tub in just 30 minutes. Simple to set-up with no […]

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jolly good stuff

Jolly Good Stuff

Jolly Gel Spa (JGS) follows the huge success of Jolly Gel flocculent for residential and commercial pools, both in the UK and worldwide. The formulation of JGS has been specifically engineered for spa applications. The gel cube shape and dispensing pod is cleverly designed to ensure an even distribution of the flocculent. • New formula […]

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Superior Sauna


With a variety of layouts and sizes, the Superior sauna range is made from Canadian Hemlock timber which is made into pre-construction panels that simply clamp together in approx. 20 minutes. All saunas offer multi-coloured LED lighting and Bluetooth audio as standard. The ceramic heater tubes are coated with  minerals which can generate far-infrared. Four […]

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Need a cover lifter for your hot tubs? The InSpire VX2 cover lifter is the perfect choice and we have a large number in stock. The surprising ease in which the VX2 cover lifter helps remove your hot tub cover will impress, and will undoubtedly lead to more soaks in the hot tub for your […]

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Plastica have recently added a robotic cleaner to their new product range for 2021. The BWT500 Robotic Pool Cleaners are perfect for pools of any shape or size, fitted with liners or tiles. They feature an intelligent and exclusive Smart navigation system. Comprised of a gyroscope and an algorithm, it scans and detects obstacles, and […]

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“The Hydro One combines the elegance and style of The One Pool with advanced ultra- flow technology. The hydro- flow counter current system provides the ultimate swimming experience without the need for a large pool. The counter current system enables those swimmers who like a challenge to really push themselves to swim in place against […]

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Astralpool can cater for all requirements when it comes to customised unique tiled spa. From conception to completion, your spa is made fully bespoke. As a result, our spas are highly renowned for their quality, presenting a blank canvas for interior designers and architects. The control systems for AstralPool spas, tubs and hydromassage are reliable, […]

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New COVER PLATES TRAYS for Watertec poolside deck boxes. Paramount have developed a 330 x 330mm cover plate tray to accompany their range of Indoor/Outdoor Watertec Poolsde Deck Boxes. Available in 12mm, 40mm & 50mm depths to accommodate most pool surround finishes from indoor tiles to outdoor paving slabs. All tray systems are with 316 […]

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1. Golden Coast heat pump


Air source heat pumps can heat water to 40°C, and inverter technology maintains the temperature while using a lower current — saving energy and reducing electricity costs. They even operate in outside conditions as cold as -15°C. The unique ventilation structure means noise levels are kept extremely low so as not to disturb guests. Golden […]

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LED Market Place adv


Water-tec has designed pre-wired Driver Boxes for White and RGB lights so the hard work is done for you, resulting in simple and quick installation. • Electropolished Face Plate finish • Whole light now made from Solid 316L Stainless Steel • Pre-wired electrical connection boxes – new inbuilt quick blow fuses to protect LED’s • […]

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OSPL_Silver Matrix finished pool with water


The Matrix range is fast becoming our best-selling product of the year. It’s available in 3 exciting colours to suit any pool surround. The warranty is above the industry average at 12 years, as is maximum the water temperature it can be run at – up to 34 °c. It gives the appearance of a […]

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The AquaSizer is an aquatic exercise device that will transform your pool or swim spa into a comprehensive workout system that is Fun and Incredibly Healthy. WORKS IN ABOVE GROUND AND INGROUND POOLS. Perfect for all fitness levels and ages. The one exercise machine you always look forward to using! Offers a low impact, high […]

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Are you looking for swimming pool control systems? Presenting the Phoenix EC, offering durability and advanced technology from a known and trusted source. Swimming pool environmental control from Heatstar delivers optimum efficiency with reduced energy costs. Contact Heatstar today for more information on the full range of highly energy efficient climate control systems. Heatstar 01983 […]

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