5. Yourspa Luxury Spa Tray Table - Lisfestyle


New to the UK is this innovative tray table that is fully adjustable to fit any make of hot tubs and including inflatable spas. The adjustable legs fix to the sides of the spa and comes with a non-slip tray with waterproof compartment that lifts up to support a tablet device. With two drinks holders […]

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3. Superior Spa Bar


Our new floating Spa Bar brings your drink straight to you. With LED lights built in, this is the perfect accessory for a hosting a hot tub party with your friends. It is perfect for holding wine bottles or other items. The floating bar is made of plastic PE and is easy to recharge. With […]

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1. Sunbeach Spas_Hot tub


Sunbeach Spas have been given a massive opportunity to bring to you the world- renowned Oasis Spas hot tubs and swim spas. Oasis Spas are sold in 35 countries worldwide, and are now available here in the UK! Oasis Spas feature one of the toughest spa shells on the market, constructed of 6 layers to […]

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8. Manga Underwater 1


The Manga+ Robotic Pool Cleaner is an innovative cordless robotic pool cleaner designed to clean above-ground and in-ground pools with a flat bottom. A budget priced user- friendly cleaner that is unique in the market. Its patented ‘stop and go’ system offers optimum cleaning efficiency. The Manga+ is powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and is […]

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7. Paramount_saftey cover


Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5˚c heat in 5 hours; installing a Thermo-safe cover can reduce heat loss in the same period to as little as 0.65˚c. Thermo-safe saves on heating costs and reduces chemical usage that would otherwise be lost through evaporation. • Nine different colours options […]

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VRimg File Description

Version: 1.3
Compressed: true
Resolution { width: 5078  height: 3625  pixelAspectRatio: 1 }
Render Region { renderRegion: false  xmin: 3979  ymin: 0  width: 1099  height: 1988 }
Regions Info { regWidth: 5078  regHeight: 3625  whatsXY: MaxSize }
Camera Info { transform: matrix  projection: perspective  aperture: 36  fov: 54.3506  targetDistance: 2000  nearRange: 0  nearClip: 80  farClip: 1e+018  focalLength: 35  fNumber: 4.5 }
Scene { renderTime: 395125  name: "" }

Alpha (float3)
Denoiser (float3)
MaterialID (float3)
RGB color (float3)
atmosphere (float3)
background (float3)
defocusAmount (float)
diffuseFilter (float3)
effectsResult (float3)
globalIllumination (float3)
lighting (float3)
noiseLevel (float)
reflection (float3)
reflectionFilter (float3)
refraction (float3)
refractionFilter (float3)
specular (float3)
worldNormals (float3)
worldPositions (float3)


An expert in swimming pool tile specification for over 20 years, Solus offers a wealth of products, including the stylish Flintstone range, perfectly suited for their design. The business has completed an array of stunning projects, in both private homes and public settings, as well as in the leisure and hotel sectors. Solus also has […]

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5. Kit Open Case


It’s essential that your water testing is accurate as well as compliant with all relevant guidelines. We offer a range of test kits and reagents for the commercial operator covering: • Pool Water Testing • Spa Water Testing to HSG282 • L8 Compliance Kits • Legionella Early Warning Indicative Testing • Balanced Water All equipment […]

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4.The Mosaic Spa Company


The Mosaic Spa Company offer a truly limitless variety of options when it comes to producing superior quality mosaic tiled spas. All spas manufactured in The Mosaic Spa Company’s innovative and ever-expanding factory benefit from using only the finest marine grade materials and are subject to several strict quality control inspection procedures. With considerable experience […]

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2. Golden Coast_EVA RX Eco


Keeping a residential pool well- lit needn’t be expensive thanks to new RX Eco LED lights from Dutch manufacturer EVA Optic. Each underwater pool light is extremely efficient and uses just 20 watts. This allows customers to reduce their energy consumption and electricity bills, without compromising on performance and light quality. The RX Eco is […]

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1.Platica_AG_MINI_w Label_side


Being so compact makes it easy to find a suitable outside position to site the unit to give maximum efficiency especially with the whisper quiet <56db at 1m noise emission. The aptly named AG Mini is the ideal choice for heating above ground pools up to 20 cubic metres. They are light and easy to […]

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