Shelf Life

Aqua Spa Supplies extends its own branded products with the introduction of the new Aqua Cover Shelf. With its simple but effective design, the Aqua Cover Shelf safely stores your hot tub cover without eliminating the view from your hot tub. Simply fold out the arms from their stored position against the hot tub and […]

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Water Analysis

Every pool owner should check the most important parameters in their pool at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure that water quality is maintained at the right level and to arrange dosing in an optimum manner. The water-tight Scuba II enables the operator to check the pool water quickly and accurately for […]

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BioFilm Treatment

Aqua Spa Supplies now stock the brand-new starter kits from water care specialists O-Care. ‘Safe – Soft – Simple’ is the O-Care motto, and the new starter kits make it very simple to enhance the bathers experience by removing BioFilm, softening the water and reducing the need for chemicals. The Inflatable starter kit will last […]

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Bespoke Spa

Bespoke Spas

AstralPool UK tiled spas are available in a wide choice of finishes, including mosaic, glass and porcelain. The range includes skimmer spas and swim spas for domestic applications and deck level and hydro spas for commercial venues. The variety of additional features, such as water cannons, volcano pads and air loungers allows each spa to […]

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Bright Lights

The Lumilux IP68 offers high quality lighting for your pool and is available in a range of colours and energy outputs to suit your needs. The high-powered LED light is perfectly designed to be used underwater with a stainless-steel trim and optional die cast aluminium housing makes it a stylish addition to your pool. The […]

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How Clear Is Your Pool?

Crystal clear pool water is essential for both safety of – and appeal to – the bather, but how should it be measured? The traditional way is deciding whether the bottom of the pool can be seen at the ‘deep’ end. However, is this sufficient? Measuring the turbidity of the water would be a more […]

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The Only Shade of Grey…

The Flint Grey Microfibre Waffle Robe is the latest addition to the best-selling bathrobe collection, used by leading spas, salons and hotels alike. This ultra-lightweight, super soft bathrobe absorbs moisture quickly and allows air to flow, resulting in faster drying times and greater freshness while extra fine fibres retain heat well, giving the ultimate client […]

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Unmissable Glide

An irresistible addition to your swimming pool cover portfolio, the Glide is a high-quality pool cover that puts safety and security first without compromising on quality, design or reliability. Fast and easy to open and close, the Glide is an essential part of any home pool to give added peace of mind. The Glide is […]

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Wood Pool

Boost Sales

Wooden pools are an ideal solution to increase your sales by providing an alternative yet affordable high quality pool option. This line of pools allows customers to choose a custom size and shape or from the standard range and then install either above ground, semi or fully submerged in the ground. Plastica’s wooden pools are […]

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Salt Relax

Time to Relax

The New Bayrol Salt Relax Pro is innovative in its use of salt water to produce the chlorine to disinfect your pool water, maximising the low levels of salt even in low temperatures. The key features include a low salt concentration (only 1.5g/l) and an adjustable automatic reduction of chlorine production and pool cover operation […]

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