A Problem Halved – Plant Room Special

A Problem HalvedIt takes all but the most focused pool engineer to resist being lured by the scope and design of some water leisure project – forgetting what lies beneath. As swimming pool designs become more and more elaborate, it is invariably the plant room that is the poor relation when it comes to adequate space not to mention access. The sheer size of a filter tank is often the biggest obstacle to equipping a pool plant room. It’s not unusual for a plant room to be built around the filter tank. When the time comes for replacing it, you suddenly realise that the plant room doors are smaller than the tank. This is a problem that Golden Coast can now answer with the two- part Waterco SMDT Hydron Split Tank, designed for delivery in two parts, small enough to fi t through standard plant room doors, which can be easily assembled on reaching their destination. Produced using the latest in gel-coated fibreglass technology, its construction is also two-thirds lighter than that of a steel vessel but is actually more robust, so the tank is easier to carry and less likely to suffer damage in transit. In use, its advantages over steel include superior chemical as well as mechanical resistance. There is no rusting or other corrosion and the material is able to withstand damage from many types of water treatment. Maintenance is simple and the tank’s fish tail lateral design improves water flow distribution through the filter bed for optimum effect. Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast, the UK’s largest independent supplier of wet leisure products to the trade, says: “If you’re retrofitting, this is the perfect filter tank. Not only is it easy to carry, without being damaged on the way, but its unique split structure makes light work of getting it into position in the plant room. We expect a high demand for this innovative solution.”


Another company that specialises in supplying filters for tight spaces, is Defender Filters. The Defender Assero™ pool filter is small enough to fi t through a standard size doorway, making retrofits as easy as opening the door. Although size matters, Defender Filters believes the ideal plant room package needs to be energy as well as cost-efficient to substantially reduce overheads on water, power, chemical and labour. Defender is increasingly chalking up a number of successful swimming pool projects. Having recently installed a Defender Filter, Kingsmead Leisure’s maintenance team have commented on how little time he now spends in the pool plant room. Paul Feeny the Centre Manager at Westport thought he had ‘walked into a different pool hall’ the day after the new Defender filter was switched on. “Before you purchase anything think long term,” advises Defender’s Mike Newton. “ Ask about maintenance costs, ease of use and how you will use this product on a daily basis,” he says. “You need to know how you can make this product work for you instead of you working the product. That means understanding the associated electrical costs, water costs, chemical costs and how can these costs be reduced,” adds Mike. Bob Kent of Mineral Supplies International, has seen a greater level of understanding from cost- savvy commercial pool operators.

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