Cost Efficient Dartmouth

DartmouthThe opening of the new Fusion Lifestyle run Dartmouth Indoor Swimming Pool in December came about after many years of hard fundraising by the local community. Devonshire pool specialists, Westcountry Leisure installed the 25m swimming pool embracing the recent advances in pump technology and maximising the benefits of variable speed pumps, and opting for the OC-1 filtration method.

By replacing commonly used media, such as sand and glass, with OC-1 Filtration Media it is possible to reduce the head loss in the filtration system; filter with a constant flow (regardless of debris entrapment) and, most remarkably, significantly reduce energy costs as it can be used with a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller. All this while still filtering to the equivalent standard for traditional filter media.

Certikin’s Commercial Manager, Steve Nelson, working with Westcountry’s Mark Gilpin, estimated that using OC-1 compared to sand would, in terms of electricity consumption, save 71.73kW per day, which over the year equates to 26,181.45 kW.  Assuming a price of 12p a kW, this amounts to a saving of £3,141.77 each year. Mark Gilpin says: “Of course the system has still to be fully tested when the pool opens to the public but thus far I have to say I am hugely impressed. OC-1 has reduced the pump current and running costs dramatically. To be honest, I am amazed at just how efficiently it does work and the results it achieves.

I think it justifies the title of a revolutionary product.” Independently-tested by Cranfield University and IFTS (Institut de la FIltration et des Techniques Séparatives), OC-1 maintains constant flow rates, even when the media becomes dirty. OC-1 offers over 20 times the capacity of sand or glass and reduces water consumption, chemical usage and heating. Fully recyclable at end of product life, payback on the OC-1 is typically, six to 12 months.

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