THERE IS GROWING SUPPORT and demand for aquatic- based wellbeing in public pools.
THERE IS GROWING SUPPORT and demand for aquatic-based wellbeing in public pools.

Less than 12 months on from seeing the first facility awarded Swim England’s Water Wellbeing accreditation, the programme has continued to grow. More and more facilities up and down the country are working towards the Water Wellbeing accreditation as they place a focus on improving health and wellbeing in local communities. Active Nation’s Bitterne Leisure Centre in Southampton was the first facility to receive recognition for their work back in February 2022.

More recently, Brimhams Active have achieved accreditation across all of their pools currently in operation. The operator has carried out changes, where needed, to ensure all pools are accessible, inclusive and inviting to the local community. The Jack Laugher Leisure and Wellness Centre, Knaresborough Swimming Pool, Nidderdale Pool and Leisure Centre and Starbeck Baths have all achieved Water Wellbeing accreditation.

This came about following Brimhams Active’s Managing Director, Mark Tweedie, labelling the programme as a ‘catalyst’ for positive change and collaboration. The Water Wellbeing accreditation scheme is open to any pool and offers a range of resources, training and support to help staff better understand the customer experience, as well as personalise the aquatic offer to suit the needs of those with long-term health conditions.

Swim England’s Water Wellbeing specialist, Andrew Power, said: “The Water Wellbeing programme is continuing to expand and grow across the nation and we are set for an exciting year in 2023. “It is pleasing to see a growing number of operators supporting the programme and their teams working towards and achieving the accreditation. “I look forward to seeing the impact of all the work and the benefits to local communities, particularly around improved health and wellbeing, for years to come.”

On the achievements of the Brimhams Active sites, he added: “Swim England have been supporting Brimhams Active across a number of key areas, in order to maximise the long term sustainability and growth of their aquatic assets. “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at all levels, who have shown total commitment to the accreditation process and have gone beyond what was expected of them in doing so.”

Mark Tweedie explained that he was ‘delighted’ with the hard work and dedication of the Brimhams Active team in achieving Water Wellbeing accreditation at their facilities. He added: “Inactivity and the determinants of poor health adversely impact on thousands of people in our communities. “Our mission is to help address this by supporting people to move more, live well and feel great, and to do this we are creating an inclusive, holistic, health and wellbeing focused service offer.”
For more information on Water Wellbeing or other aspects of Swim England’s health and wellbeing work, get in touch at health@swimming.org.