Fresh Strokes

ABOVE: Niveko pools are bespoke-designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements.

POOLSIt is fresh strokes for the one-piece pool market with recent changes in routes to the UK market.At the start of 2018, European one-piece pool manufacturer Niveko was incorporated into the global pool industry giants, the Pollet Pool Group. Meanwhile German-made RivieraPool secured a new distribution deal with Lighthouse Pools.The Niveko acquisition represents a major step forward for the stature of one piece pools in a move that will greatly benefit both sides.The Pollet Pool Group, a family concern with a history dating back almost 40 years, operates in 12 countries comprising more than 40 companies and achieving a total turnover of more than 250 million euros. With more than 25 years’ experience, 70 qualified employees and a whopping 450 pools installed every year, Niveko has earned a first class reputation from all over Europe. Both PPG and Niveko share a common vision, hailing ‘the customer is king’ and believing that hard and honest work leads to ultimate business success.EXISTING STRUCTUREThe main business partner for the distribution of Niveko pools in Great Britain will remain with Certikin and that route to market in the UK will be sustained with Niveko’s staff and existing structure remaining unchanged.By systematically keeping up with the trends and using cutting-edge technologies Niveko has become the synonym for uncompromisingly high-quality pools.Depending on the size, Niveko pools are delivered as one-piece monopools directly from the Czechoslovakian factory. Built-in features such as jets, lights and counter-currents are installed at the factory and are subjected to pressure tests. If a pool is too large to be transported in one piece, the prefabricated pool parts are assembled by a team of professionals within two days at the customer’s site. “Our custom-built pools combine the main advantages of one-piece monopools with the best features of traditional concrete pools,” says Šimon Janca of Niveko.“Quick and easy installation, pool delivered in one piece, an extensive portfolio that includes skimmer as well as overflow pools for more demanding customers, no limitations on size or shape, ABOVE: Niveko pools are bespoke-designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements.will meet all trade expectations and give customers lasting pleasure.“From simple prefabricated pools to tailor-made individual pools, all the swimming pools are pre-assembled and delivered in one piece. This way the final installation is quick, clean and efficient – without long periods of construction work around the customer’s property.The pools are available in six smart gelcoat finishes, two of which are granite stone effect. The pool shells boast a 20 year guarantee for water tightness and 10 years for the surface finish. With designs to suit any contemporary or traditional garden, ensuring the pool shape you desire blends in or stands out in your surroundings. The system benefits over traditional built pools due to the speed of installation (approx. 10 days from arrival on site). Sunquest Pools is a newly-launched trade arm of leading one-piece retailer Sundance Pools UK Ltd, whose Sunquest 36 model has proven particularly popular amongst trade and retail customers for over a decade. Sunquest Pools was established in 1997, and the new Sunquest brand benefits from the superb customer service and in-depth pool industry knowledge of its parent company, along with the highest quality product available on the market. Sunquest Pools’ select range of one-piece exercise pools are all UK-manufactured, involving competitive lead times and lower transport costs. Being manufactured locally in the UK protects costs from currency fluctuations, enabling Sunquest Pools to offer their trade customers both competitive and consistent price structures. Manufacturing one-piece pools to order also means that Sunquest Pools can offer a broader range of specification, colour and size options than other suppliers, thanks to the sheer precision and quality of fibreglass engineering available in the UK today.33these are the main benefits of Niveko pools.”CUSTOM MADEMade from a special material custom-modified for the purpose, which represents the current cutting edge in the field, what customers particularly appreciate about the material is that it is extremely durable and highly resistant to chemicals. The material contains UV stabilisers, so it does not age and still looks like new after years.Šimon explains: “Niveko pools are always designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements as regards the pool size, shape, colour and equipment.“The main aim is to find the perfect combination of functionality, unique design and timeless technology to ensure that the pool lives up to the customer’s expectations, not only now, but in the future, too.”All change too for the RivieraPool that will now come into the UK via Lighthouse Pools, complementing their Zodiac range of pool products. RivieraPool offers fibreglass pool shells from the entry level ‘Style’ ranges through to the beautifully tiled ‘M-Line’ mosaic pools, offering something for all budgets.RivieraPool is a family owned business that has been manufacturing one-piece pools for over 40 years. All the pools are made to order and shipped from the state of the art factory and showroom in Geeste, North West Germany. TRADE EXPECTATIONSJohn Whiteside of Lighthouse Pools emphasises: “As one of Europe’s leading swimming pool suppliers, the highest quality materials and latest technology is utilised, thus ensuring that all pool purchasesPOOLSUK-manufactured in precision-moulded fibreglass, the Sunquest range of pools all come with a ten-year warranty and offer all the benefits of a high-quality one-piece swimming pool: sustainable running costs, quick installation and minimal maintenance requirements.THREE-FOLD INCREASEParamount Pools are now in their third year as distributor for Luxe Pools in the UK. In that time, sales have increased three-fold with more than 40 pool dealers throughout the country.“The success of Luxe Pools within the UK is down to the dealerships,” says Steve Martin, Managing Director of Paramount Pools. “It is pivotal to have a network of trusted dealers who want to promote the brand and maintain the correct pricing structure.”He continues: “For pool companies that are considering adding one-piece pools to their offering, I would advise partnering with a manufacturer that can provide high-quality workmanship along with extensive warranties. “Site access will always be the first hurdle with any one piece pool delivery,” says Steve. “However, with the benefit of Google maps, this has made the initial enquiry much easier to evaluate. “Using special modified trailers, Luxe pools are able to deliver pools on their side thus reducing the access width down to the size of a transit van.”

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