Missing Link In Disinfection System Puzzle

It has taken many years of testing to convince the pool market that the most reliable and best available option for treating and disinfecting water is through using ultraviolet (UV) technology. UV systems have breached the market through providing a missing link in the disinfection system puzzle – as the treated water is free from the complete range of germicidal spectrum including cryptosporidium and giardiasis; an added advantage over only using chemical disinfectants such as chlorine. Unfortunately, some of the chlorine used for disinfection interacts with ammonia and other organic nitrogen based substances to form chloramines and chloro-organics, the main reason of ‘burning in the eyes’ and the characteristic smell noticeable near swimming pools.


Research shows chloramines and chloro-organics in their volatile form, known as Volatile Organic Carbons (VOC’s) a suspected toxic carcinogens, that can lead to more severe permanent health deterioration such as cancer related diseases and asthma. The disinfection principle relies on the ability of the UV lamps to emit radiation at wavelengths that can alter chemicals bonds in nucleotides, disabling germicidal replication. UV can successfully also be used in reduction of unwanted chemicals including harmful chloramines and chloro-organics in pool water. Esco International’s UV systems have been vigorously tested and, show they are reliable in successfully reducing the level of combined chlorine (chloramines) to below 0.2 ppm. The research showed that installing ultraviolet (UV) system leads to lower free chlorine levels and the need to hyper-chlorinate the pool is less frequent, making pool operation more cost effective and safer. The company offers over 30 standard UV systems including In-line MP UV (optionally Ozone and AOP system) which have the ability to treat water flow rates of up to 1400m3/h. Esco UV systems offer a selection of lamp technologies (mediumpressure, low-pressure Amalgam lamps) suitable for wide range of commercial and domestic pools and spas.

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