Partnership Working Key To Swimming Pool Success

Watergate School, in the London Borough of Lewisham, is a priceless asset for children with severe learning difficulties. The school’s 90 pupils, aged between three and 11, include some with profound and multiple learning difficulties and many wheelchair users. Watergate’s hydrotherapy pool is particularly valuable for their development, using programmes developed by the NHS physiotherapists based at the school, who also run after school sessions for a baby and toddler groups and visits from another local special school. “As you can appreciate the swimming pool is very important to our school and its pupils,” says Watergate School’s Nick Frost.


“When we needed to replace our previous pool contractor, we had to make certain that we picked an efficient and effective company. We cannot afford for our children to miss out on vital therapy or swimming sessions,” explains Nick. JC Leisure Solutions find working in ‘partnership’ with Watergate School, like other similar clients, is very important when creating and executing a plant room maintenance program. “We make it a priority to take the time to identify what the customer wants to achieve in their business – whether it is to reduce facility downtime, operating costs or energy efficiency,” says JC Leisure Solutions Director Nicole Lester. “We then match their objectives with a tailored and relevant plant room package. JCL built a ‘planned maintenance schedule’ that would ensure that a JCL engineer was on site regularly, attending to the small faults which could turn into big, expensive and inconvenient problems if not dealt with promptly. Coupled with this, it is important for schools like Watergate, to obtain instant support and guidance over the phone. JCL has a technical helpline where callers have direct access to the JC Leisure Solutions technical director; giving real time, instant advice and information.

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