Reaping Revolutionary Rewards

The CMF system has been successfully applied at multiple installs across Scandinavia and Australia including Denmark’s Skive Water Park.

Offering payback within three to five years and suitable for most types of commercial pools, ceramic microfiltration is a state of the art technology that offers a number of advantages over more traditional methods such as sand and glass. As well as improved water quality, the CMF system offers many cost savings for potential new pools and existing pools.

Whether as a new build or a retro-fit, typically a ceramic microfiltration system will take up 30% of the footprint of sand filters which makes it the ideal choice for cramped plant rooms. A straight-forward install with a lifetime guarantee on the ceramic membrane tubes, all backwashing is fully automatic and every component of the filtration system can be controlled remotely at the via computer or tablet device.
Developed by the Danish company Provital, the CMF system is being championed in the UK by Total Pool Filtration. Part of a team that has been involved in water leisure and water treatment since 1988, the company service and maintain over 75 leisure pools in their own right. “This system can be used on the majority of commercial leisure pools,” explains Total Pool Filtration’s Chris Andrews.
“It is ideally suited to new builds as it can save money on construction costs but it is also a good solution for current pools that suffer with poor water quality or that don’t have that much space in the plant room. “Sand and glass can typically filter out 5 to 7 micron particles, when a flocculant is used. When a flocculant isn’t used, particles as large as 10 microns will pass through,” adds Chris. “The membrane technology can filter down to 3 microns, which is sufficient to remove up to 100% of Cryptosporidium oocysts from the pool water, hence providing exceptional water quality.”
The CMF system has been successfully applied at multiple installs across Scandinavia and Australia including the Skive Water Park in Denmark. The facility has a bather load of 16,000 to 20,000 people a month and it has five pools including a 50m pool, children’s pool, spa, warm water pool and wave pool.
They were instructed to renovate their centre in order to meet the necessary requirements of modern day water parks. These renovations involved extending the filtration system to ensure supreme water quality, which complies with regulatory requirements.
With a brief to reduce chemical use but working in a limited plant room space, Skive opted for a CMF System featuring microfiltration membranes. This system required 25% of the footprint of the equivalent sand filters, side-stepping the expensive cost of the extending the plant room.
Chris comments: “By using a CMF system, they reduced the amount of chemicals they were using to treat the pool. “Not only did all the pools now have superior water quality and a healthier indoor climate, they had also made significant savings in backwashing, electricity and maintenance costs.”
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