Roman Influences

romanThe Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel is the first and only hotel in the UK to offer its guests the opportunity to access and experience Bath’s famed natural thermal waters in its outstanding spa.

Officially opened in July, Barr + Wray secured the filtration and water treatment package for this prominent project, which saw the former city centre hospital transformed into a five star luxury hotel and spa within the Grade II-listed building.

The project included the design, supply and commissioning of the filtration and water treatment systems for the main pool, Balnarium, Caldarium within the Spa Village and private bedroom thermal baths. The pools are filled with spring water from an artisan well, bored into the bath springs from the vaults under the hotel.

Barr + Wray designed and installed a miniature water treatment plant to ensure the water is suitable for use in both the pools and the hotel room baths, without compromising on the nature or temperature of the spring water.

Lorne Kennedy of Barr + Wray explains: “The spring water constantly flows from the well so the pools are continually topped up with fresh spring water. An automatic control system was implemented to maintain the volume of water in the pools to prevent overfilling – a rather unusual system by industry standards.”

Barr + Wray worked alongside contractors Galliford Try, EPR Architects, B3 Building Services and the client Wessex Water to deliver the project. The thermal experiences in the spa were supplied by Dalesauna.

Lorne continues: “Another unusual feature of the pool is that it is a freeboard style pool incorporating multiple stainless steel water draw off slots around the perimeter at surface water level that return to a balance tank. “This maximises the surface water draw off giving the benefit of better water quality, while providing the aesthetic impression of more traditional freeboard pool suited to the hotel’s style.

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