Ship Ahoy! Swashbuckling Design

The Leisure Pool at the Metrodome in Barnsley, Yorkshire, is one of the first to take the plunge with the new Loyal Grove pirate and Caribbean island themed water play parks.

Loyal Grove Leisure has launched a pirate ship adding to the range of children’s play features. The new design has an authentic galleon shape and is themed throughout with an aged timber effect with masts, sails, flags, a ships wheel, squirting cannons and rum barrels all completing the look. The ship has an assortment of water sprays, features and slides and is currently available in two models, 9.3 metres and 11.1 metres long. Sound and light effects can also be integrated, for example cannon fire, explosions and flickering lamps.

Designed to be delivered in smaller sections for transport and assembled on site, one of the first venues to take delivery of the pirate features is the leisure pool at the Metrodome in Barnsley, Yorkshire. Working closely with the client, Loyal Grove designed a new pirate and Caribbean island themed water park with a range of rides and features covering different age groups that would be suitable and appealing for all family members. The existing water slides and play feature were removed to make way for three new exciting flume rides, a new pirate ship, a shipwreck feature with tipping bucket and an assortment of water sprays and features.

The new water slides consisted of a volcano themed space bowl ride with eruption sound and light effects, a black hole speed thrill ride complete with light rings and water sprays with riders capable of reaching speeds in excess of 14 metres per second and a family flume complete with an interactive flume music system designed by Loyal Grove. A new staircase was installed to provide access to the new slides which was themed with a bamboo wood effect. The new additions compliment a four-lane multi-slide previously installed by Loyal Grove in 2009.

A member of the World Waterpark Association (WWA), Loyal Grove Leisure are flume and water slide specialists based in the United Kingdom with a worldwide cliental and are ideally suited and experienced to advise on standard or bespoke proposals and follow through from initial design to manufacture and installation. The company’s standard range of water play products includes an assortment of toddler slides, interactive play features, pirate ships, water cannons, tipping cones, water jets and sprays to name a few but we also work closely with clients to design and manufacture bespoke features using the latest computer aided design and 3D visualisation software in the process.

In addition to water slides and flumes, Loyal Grove continues to develop and expand a varied range of children’s play features suitable for municipal swimming pool environments and wet leisure areas. All products are manufactured in house under strict quality control procedures and site work is carried out by experienced and qualified installation crews with the backup of our own specialist GRP laminators and highly skilled finishers. Offering a free quotation service, the Loyal Grove team of engineers can carry out inspections on existing installations.

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