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Located in the historical region of Maramures, Northern Romania, the Mirage Resort Hotel is surround by beautiful mountains and outside views, and thanks to the introduction of a new spa and leisure facilities those beautiful views can now be found on the inside too. The new Lotus SPA came up as a natural development of Mirage Resort services, sustained by their mission to keep their customers entertained no matter the season they decide to visit. By supplying the environmental control to these two new pools Heatstar were able to show off their talents when it comes to providing a bespoke solution due to constraints placed upon the project, with full and professional support by Premium Exclusiv Group who support Heatstar’s export business in Romania. The semi-basement of the hotel became the location where this project was brought to life and adapting the proper airduct size for a plant room which did not have the required height and the necessary technical areas, turned out to be an initial challenge of this project.

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Drawing upon 40 years of experience and expertise Heatstar were able to offer a solution that ticked all the boxes placed on the project by the owners yet still offering the very best in energy efficiency with long-term low running costs. The Heatstar Taurus unit was weatherproofed using a special protective insulated casing and placed externally of the plant room. This special casing will ensure the Taurus is able to cope with different climatic conditions which usually reach -20°C during the winter season Due to the unit being placed externally a requirement was given for the Heatstar unit to be controlled within the Lotus Spa’s reception area so that all control and monitoring functions could be accessed by staff with ease. The Lynx control package installed to enhance the system’s performance and usability and to create the perfect solution. Turning the spotlight on to the pools themselves, the site is made up of both the large indoor swimming pool sized at 15m by 5m and heated to 28°C, and a vitality pool at 5m x 4m and heated to 36°C giving bathers a luxurious and massaging experience.ticking 3

At the heart of every successful pool is a highly effective environmental control unit. The unit chosen for the Lotus Spa project was the Heatstar Taurus HPXF 180 Super – an optimum efficiency environmental control system. Designed specifically for application on large water leisure centres and municipal swimming pools the Taurus offers humidity control, energy recovery, fresh air, variable rate ventilation, mechanical cooling and renewable energy heating solutions. The Taurus utilises the latest “Blue- EC” ultra-efficient, intelligent digital inverter fan technology and is fully compliant with the latest building control regulations for non-residential applications The delivery of Taurus HP XF 180 Super was a smooth process, despite the total weight of the equipment was exceeding three tons, with Heatstar carefully planning transportation and delivering the unit in four separate pieces. Mihai Priminescu of  Premium Exclusive Group comments: “Again, we would like to send out a big thank for everyone involved from Heatstar. The sales and technical support are always first class and this project was no different. Excellent production and logistics support always help us deliver on time, top quality products in the Romanian market”.

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