Track Record

The materials, proportions, details and accessories from the original building were all incorporated into the design of the new pool buildings.

Winner of over 50 design awards including Building magazine’s Young Architectural Practice of the Year and finalist for Architectural Practice of the Year; it’s clear that David Morley Architects has an impressive track record.

With over 20 years’ experience in designing for sports and leisure, the London-based architecture firm’s approach is based on listening, exploring, questioning and research.

“Our work has led us to analyse the science of sport to create optimum facilities for players and spectators alike,” explains senior partner, David Morley. “We work with athletes, coaches and sporting governing bodies to find the best solution for their needs. By expanding the options at the very beginning we reduce the chance of change further along the process, which would be much more costly and time consuming.”

During the last 25 years, the company’s expertise has grown from a focus on new build projects, to designing for temporary, re-usable buildings and refurbishment projects. Currently 50 strong, the company has a dynamic and energetic team of highly skilled and committed architects, designers and specialists.

The David Morley Architects team pride themselves on delivering
innovative and revolutionary designs.

“Our work is integrated, wherever possible using one building component to solve more than one problem, and it’s based on a process of dialogue and communication to ensure every scheme is well focused on delivering what each individual client needs,” continues David.

“The completion of two multi-award winning pools in the last three years has set a platform for a more varied and expanded flow of work in this exciting sector,” he adds.

In 2008 DM Architects were invited to carry out an assessment of the Hurlingham Club outdoor pool facilities in West London, which resulted in the new award-winning pool completed in 2011. The original outdoor pool facilities were 80 years old and though much loved by the members for their character and charm they had reached the end of their design life. The brief was to design a brand new facility which had to meet current and emerging standards for accessibility, design, operation, maintenance and hygiene.

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