SWIM WALES are still counting the cost of Covid impact. Pic. Library
SWIM WALES are still counting the cost of Covid impact. Pic. Library

About 30 swimming pools could be forced to remain closed in Wales as a result of the pandemic, the sport’s governing body has warned.
Swim Wales’ own research suggests many of Wales’ 307 pools have struggled financially since being shut during most of the pandemic.
Covid-19 restrictions allow 30 people to use an indoor swimming pool at one time since they were allowed to reopen from this month, but some say that will make it hard to balance the books.
A Welsh government spokesman told the BBC that physical activity would continue to play an important role in helping people to deal with the mental and physical effects of the past 14 months.
“That is why we have invested over £40m to support sport and physical activity over the course of the pandemic and are investing an additional £7m this year to provide more modern and accessible facilities,” he said.
Swim Wales has published information to assist pools in re-opening emphasising there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools, hot tubs or spas).
They referred operators to follow the PWTAG Technical note – technical operation after Covid-19 shutdown (TN46).
Emphasising that social distancing must be maintained in and while entering or exiting the pool with significant signposting to remind users.
Any equipment used will be cleaned after or between use and considerations should be made to ensure limited time is taken in changing areas, especially during the changeover of group activity to maintain social distancing.
Saunas and steam rooms can open in England at 50% capacity and are open in Northern Ireland but remain out of use for the time being in Scotland and Wales.