Wet Specialist Support Pays Off

Commercial pool specialists, Alba Pools, has recently completed the refurbishment of the swimming pool at Kimbolton School. Key to the successful transformation was the installation of a new Alkorplan lining system to the pool tank, fitted by a specialist team from Aquaflex. Originally opened in 2000, it took several years to realise there were fundamental design flaws with the original pool build at the 970 pupil private school set in magnificent grounds in Cambridgeshire. “It looked absolutely wonderful but underneath the surface were a whole myriad of problems,” says Kimbolton School Bursar Edward Valletta. “It was leaking quite considerably from the day it was built. “We had significant flooding in the undercroft beneath the pool, problems with the edge of the pool, bulges from the liner that appeared to be lifting as creases appeared and the slatted cover systems kept breaking down as water was leaking into the motors,” Edward explains.

As well as school use the 25m x 10m pool is used extensively by the local community.



After several years of patching up and making do, the school decided to bite the bullet and undertake a complete overhaul. “We kept the pool limping along for a very long time,” Edward says. “But with some of the A frame metal supports all but rusted away we felt we were facing serious repercussions if we did not do something about it.” Pool Manager, David Pickett takes up the story: “As soon as the Alkorplan lining system was in place we could appreciate the clean and crisp finish. “It is a nicer pool; looks better; feels softer and it even seems a bit quicker. “We have solved the pool edge problem, replaced the pool cover and had some underwater lights installed,” David adds. Replacing a tired and expensive outdoor facility, the indoor pool was built and paid for by the school without external funding. As well as school-use the 25m x 10m pool is used by the community for • Swimming lessons • Lifeguard courses • Crash courses • Squad training Edward comments: “There is no obligation to open to the community but we like to keep the pool as busy as possible and the additional income helps towards revenue costs.” Edward met Alba at a Bursars Conference and appreciated the advice and support provided. Alba was on a tight timeframe to complete the work during the school shut down in August this year. “If we have learned anything, I would now always recommend you would use horses for courses with a company that is used to dealing with swimming pool projects,” says Edward. He adds: If we have learned anything, it would be “horses for courses”; use a company that is used to dealing with swimming pool projects.”


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