Miles Hammond presents some latest pool lining styles…

SCP’S PREMIUM 3D Collection is outstandingly good looking and still packs a punch with its touch performance credentials.

All swimming pools will require some kind of repair or renovation at some point in their lives which means a steady flow of crunch cash flow for core builders and restorers. Bag liner and tile-band finishes are probably one of the most subjective areas of pool building and refurbishment project choices.

All a matter of taste, there are now a huge number of styles and combination finishes to choose from. SCP stole a march on a highly competitive liner sector when they launched a range of realistic design finishes, last year, that undoubtedly turned the heads of many pool owners.

Now available in four designs and four colour options, the Premium 3D, from Haogenplast, is an odds-on winner for sealing client appeal especially with the addition of the Emerald finish in time for this season. Ideal for new installations and refits, the unique stone-like deep 3D design in SCP’s Premium 3D Collection is outstandingly good looking and still packs a punch with its touch performance credentials.

AT THE END OF A LONG DEVELOPING PROCESS, Haogenplast/Proflex, available through SCP, formulated a unique design that offers a real challenge to natural wood.

Formulated with specialised enhanced surface coating the Premium 3D offers superior stain resistance and cleanability properties, exceptional UV resistance and waterproofing properties, as well as a non-slip grip. With so much choice from SCP, don’t forget the Larch wood-effect finish that is packed with customer appeal. At the end of a long developing process, Haogenplast/ Proflex formulated a unique design that offers a real challenge to natural wood.

Through a complex printing and embossing process they produced a liner that blends right into the look and feel of the most up-scale swimming pools. Still under the Haogenplast/ Proflex umbrella, SCP also offer some outstanding 3D Matrix designs can give a pool the look and feel of real mosaic tiles while providing unparalleled impermeability of leak-free performance.

The 3D Matrix line includes a pearl and silver layer which produces a dynamic prismatic effect similar to the shine of real glazed mosaic tiles. 3D Matrix surfaces and the grout in their grooves are protected with an enhanced acrylic coating which provides superior stain resistance and makes them easy to clean.

Offering swimming pools to suit preferred style and taste, the extensive range of PPG pool liners available from Golden Coast, owners can choose from a range of colours, textures and designs. The ever popular and reliable RENOLIT Alkorplan 2000 is a 1.5mm single colour PVC liner available in eight colours. Designed to last, it can be installed quickly and easily, with a 10-year guarantee.

If a pool sees high numbers of bathers and frequent water treatment, consider the RENOLIT Alkorplan Xtreme collection. The single colour 1.5mm liner comes in 6 colours and has outstanding resistance to chlorine and stains, as well as an extended 15-year warranty for watertightness. But if you want a pool to really stand out, perhaps a bolder design is the way to go.

The 2mm reinforced laminate RENOLIT Alkorplan Vogue collection features decorative embossed designs with anti-slip properties. Three prints are available:
• Light and elegant vintage
• Grey and minimalist urban
• Mediterranean blue summer

AVAILABLE IN FOUR designs and four colour options, the good-looking Premium 3D, is available from SCP

For ultimate durability, there’s the RENOLIT Alkorplan Touch range. The 2mm reinforced laminate offers seven different stone designs with a 3D relief that emulates nature to give an added dimension of character. From an opulent marble finish to golden sands or timeless granite, owners can create a unique, luxurious pool.

“The RENOLIT Alkorplan liners are made up of two flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) to ensure the pool remains completely watertight in the long term,” explains Luke Honnoraty, Sales Manager at Golden Coast. “The liners are also coated in a strong varnish to protect them against UV rays and general abrasions that occur with regular pool use.

They really do stand the test of time. But what’s really striking about them is the designs that are on offer. Whether it’s for a new pool or a refurbishment, pool owners can put their stamp on it.”

OFFERING SWIMMING POOLS to suit preferred style and taste, the extensive range of PPG pool liners are available from Golden Coast.

When it comes to pool liners, Plastica has many years of experience surveying and manufacturing domestic swimming pool liners for the trade. Plastica use a state-of-the-art plotter cutter to accurately cut out and create each bespoke order, from its range of plain or patterned materials. All liner material is available in 0.50mm or 0.75mm, impregnated with algaecide and antioxidants and patterned materials are protected with a lacquer coating to extend the life and colour of the product.

Plastica provides a solution to rejuvenate pools through the installation of new liners. Drawing from extensive industry experience, the company excels in the meticulous surveying and crafting of custom pool liners, utilising their new state-of-the- art plotter cutters to ensure precise customisation of each liner. These liners are meticulously assembled from a range of plain or patterned materials.

The available liner materials come in two thickness options: 0.50mm or 0.75mm, enriched with algaecide and antioxidants. For patterned materials, a protective lacquer coating is applied, extending the product’s lifespan, and preserving its vibrant colours. To prevent waterline staining, co-ordinating tile bands undergo a triple-coating process with lacquer. Plastica offers an assortment of beading colours designed to complement clients’ chosen liners.

Manufactured at the United Kingdom’s largest and most renowned swimming pool production facility, Plastica Liners stand as a testament to top-notch quality. The company’s capabilities extend to welding bespoke designs, showcasing its commitment to tailored solutions.

With an impressive 5-year guarantee, Plastica’s liners not only promise enduring beauty but also long-lasting durability. Each liner is embossed with a unique serial number linked to its order, streamlining future replacement procedures, and ensuring effortless re-fitting.

THE EVER POPULAR and reliable RENOLIT Alkorplan 2000 is available from Golden Coast.

Ocea UK has thrown its significant hat into the liner ring with the launch of a new catalogue featuring the French-made DEL range of bag liners, tile bands, fastenings and accessories. A fully customisable liner is now available thanks to its wide range of colour combinations, at the same time checking compatibility of material and tile bands.

Ocea’s ID liner service sets the Ocea UK range apart with its easy to follow, step-by-step simple ordering system that is packed with hints, tips, advice and support. “Ocea customers can match a vareity of liner colours for the wall, the pool bottom the stairs and risers,” says Ocea UK’s Natasha Seeney. “You can therefore offer your customers a bespoke opportunity to customise their pool and steps,” she explains.

Stand-out Ocea features includes the PROTECT 33 LINER that boasts of meeting every demanding set of specifications. Its specific formulation requires a selection of pigments which guarantees a high resistance to discolouration. The PVC resin has been selected to limit the liner’s absorption of water and the formation of creases. Matt acrylic protection varnish protects against stations.

The Protect 33 liner chemical composition protest the liner from stains and algae and meets the requirement of EN 71-3 standard. The Ocea UK team is confident its Evolution liner range will become the new market standard. The Evolution liner incorporates 100% phthalate-free plasticisers. Meanwhile, the Tradition boasts as a leading market leader offering perfect dimensional stability with a recommended maximum temperature tolerance of up to 28deg C.

Natasha adds: “Our easy ordering system takes the stress off the pool builder because specialist software guides through the key questions to ensure they choose the right measurements, first time, every time – always remembering the golden rule to visit site yourself and never assume a customer has the measurements right.”

All swimming pools, no matter how well built, will require some kind of repair or renovation at some point in the future. Taking the time to maintain customers’ pools efficiently will save them money in the long-term and is cheaper than building a new one.

OCEA UK HAS Thrown its significant hat into the swimming pool liner ring.

Traditionally a product for the commercial pool sector, the increase in availability of colours and designs has opened up the option of on-site pool linings to the residential market. More swimming pool companies are now offering the system as a preferable and more flexible alternative to conventional pool finishes.

In terms of cost comparison, a site lining usually falls between cheaper options such as paint and thinner, bag style, liners and more expensive options such as tiling or spray applied products. Versatility is a key benefit of on-site lining.

The installation process involves taking heavy duty vinyl to site and cutting, shaping and heat welding it, resulting in a perfectly fitted lining to the pool shell. This adaptability means that it can be applied to almost any pool situation, regardless of shape or construction.


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