New UK launch for busy one-piece sector…

FRESH OUT of the Starline stable, the Sterck range has its own production facility in Holland.

Already enjoying an unprecedented wave of popularity, the UK’s one-piece pool offering is being further boosted with the launch of a new range branded as The Sterck. Fresh out of the Starline stable, and available to UK dealers through Ocea UK, the Sterck is founded on nearly 50 years of experienced quality water leisure design but stands out for its sustainability as the pool can be re-purposed at the end of its long lifespan.

Key to their impressive selling story, Sterck swimming pools are made of Polystone®, a high quality polypropylene, thermoplastic polymer and a high-quality plastic that is very strong. The material offers a high resistance to UV radiation, weather and chlorine with the use of UV blockers that means the pool is UV stable and colourfast.

Polystone® has a homogeneous and high-quality surface which means there are no corrosion-sensitive joints. The material is very easy to clean and is resistant to cracking. Flexibility is the Sterck’s huge crowd pleaser with limitless options on bespoke size and design and with personalised options for steps, lighting, counter-currents and practical options like vacuum connectors and provided with built-in extras and a pool cover.

“We are excited to be amongst the first in the world to be able to offer this innovative approach to one-piece pool swimming with all its fast build credentials yet packed with such great credentials like sustainability,” says Alan Thorne, managing director of Ocea UK. “But I suspect it will be the huge design scope that will appeal to customers who can literally create their own original design of pool.”

The Sterck will be offered first to the existing network of Starline premier dealers with some additional geographic trading gaps, that need to be quickly grasped. “For busy UK pool builders, the Sterck represents the opportunity to break through that glass ceiling by offering a faster track solution for customers not willing to play the waiting game on traditional block and liner installations,” adds Alan. The Sterck looks set to go toe-to-toe with the Niveko, that is made from high-tech polymer, renowned for its high quality, diverse range of colour schemes and durability. It was way back in 1995 that Niveko first launched a standard skimmer type pool.

In 2008 they took a bold production step and introduced their own unique overflow trough. This innovation steered the monopool market into a new era of design. In-depth technological studies and growth resulted in the special whisper overflow trough which produces the least amount of noise in overflow pools. All made to individual order, Niveko’s diverse range of overflow models means that anyone and everyone can find the pool of their dreams. From the simple minimalist lines of the Evolution, through to the highly distinctive and eye-catching Advance and Infinity to the multipurpose Multi, with all its diversity of shapes.

NIVEKO HAS BUILT an unrivalled reputation for its good looking pools.

The options are vast and the choice is always purely and simply down to the customer’s preferences. The Underflow combines the main advantages of skimmer pools excellent water efficiency, with an eye-catching design that can most often be found in overflow pools. Meanwhile, let’s not forget the success of Tilestone pool range from Paramount that is being driven with the backing of enthusiastic dealers. “It is pivotal to have a network of trusted dealers who want to promote the brand and maintain the correct pricing structure,” says Paramount managing director, Steve Martin.

“It is down to the dealers that the Luxe is enjoying its high levels of success.” Luxe Pools offer an affordable GRP reinforced one piece swimming pool that is far less time consuming and more economical than building a conventional concrete pool. Luxe pools are designed to cater for the extreme temperature changes found in northern Europe, Scandinavian and Russian climates. With over 15 different models to choose from, the pools are provided with a 20 year structural warranty and a ten year colour-osmosis guarantee. “Site access will always be the first hurdle with any one-piece pool delivery,” shares Steve.

“However, with the benefit of Google maps, this has made the initial enquiry much easier to evaluate. “Using special modified trailers, Tilestone pools are able to deliver pools on their side thus reducing the access width down to the size of a transit van.” He continues: “For pool companies that are considering adding one-piece pools to their offering, I would advise partnering with a manufacturer that can provide high-quality workmanship along with extensive warranties.

“All GRP pool manufacturers should be using multiple layers of vinylester/ matt resin to prevent osmosis. Insulation is also now a key factor for piece pools and can now meet the demands of Part L for indoor installation.” Paramount are promoting three build options:
ACTIVE – with counter current and jet
FUN – with counter current and back massage
ULTRAFLOW – with is supplied with a 400 m3 swimming turbine.

Tilestone pools are fully insulated with a thermal conductivity of 0.25 W / m2K. A self-supporting steel frame enables the pool to be installed above or below ground, ideal for roof-top installations or basements. The Tilestone can be produced as skimmer pool, overflow pool or infinity edge pool. The unique manufacturing process ensures 100% leak-free pool structure prior to tiling. Tilestone spas offer superior level of tiled spa to your projects.

Spas and swim spas can be designed without any limits of size and shape and manufactured according highest standard and with any finish materials: mosaics, ceramics or natural stone. Steve points out: “We design not only spas but also we have created our own range of stainless steel jets and accessories to provide a luxury finish for every customer needs. “Our tour-de-force is the Tilestone’s durability and lightness backed by 100% waterproofing. “So energy-efficient and well-insulated, the pool and spa design reduce heating costs to a minimum.”

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