PARAMOUNT’S TILESTONE POOL combines the convenience of one-piece with the luxury of a tiled pool.

Think you know one-piece pools? Well think again…

If you are still losing customers and valuable business due to long wait times and lack of capacity, then it is time to start adding additional revenue streams to your pool offering – particularly with faster track installations.
Traditional block and liner and concrete pool order books are full to bursting, typically up to a year in advance.
There has never been a better time to plunge into the quicker fix offering of one-piece pools.
Leading a prestigious pack and offering the best of both worlds, combining fast track installation of the one-piece, with the luxury of a tiled pool, Paramount Pools offer the Tilestone Pool.
Made from reinforced GRP, with a 50mm high-density PU foam and steel carbon framework, the Tilestone comes ready-made to fit directly into your previously excavated and prepared hole – a 100mm concrete sub-base with drained is required.
The shell is then lowered into the pool by crane, levelled and back-filled, so it is ready for tiling with a specialist epoxy adhesive – either standard 25mm mosaic or large format 600 x 300 tiles can be applied.

PSS-Spr-pg26-pic2FULLY TILED
Alternatively, the Tilestone Pool can be delivered fully tiled. Either way, it is available as a skimmer, overflow or infinity-edge type pool.
The delivered Tilestone shell is pre-formed with all necessary shell fittings such as pool lighting and inlets, and depending on your location will come in one or two pieces, which when put assembled will be comparable to the strength of a gunite concrete structure.
A wide range of standard sizes and designs is available and a custom-build surface is offered for more bespoke requirements.
The brand’s unique manufacturing process ensures 100% leak-free, anti-corrosive pool structure prior to tiling. What is more, the Tilestone ticks the eco-boxes because of its fully insulated with thermal conductivity of 0.25 W / m2K.
“The flexibility of these fibreglass pools – compared to concrete – allows for greater resistance against thermal or physical stresses, and structural failure is virtually unheard of,” explains Paramount’s Steve Martin.
“Each pool is perfectly constructed in factory-controlled conditions to create a higher level of quality and consistency than found in gunite on-site construction,” he points out.

THE SHELL IS LOWERED into the pool by crane, levelled and back-filled.
THE SHELL IS LOWERED into the pool by crane, levelled and back-filled.

With just a few strategic gaps in its growing UK network, you have to move fast to be part of the Starline revolution which now comes under the stewardship of Ocea UK.
The Starline team develop, produce and distribute sleekly designed, top-quality Dutch swimming pools, for those who value their health, fitness and safety.
Synonymous with a luxury lifestyle, relaxation and fun, Starline is well known for its passion for pools enhancing your customers’ swimming and wellness enjoyment.
“Starline is a solution to help meet the current high demand for home swimming pools without making any compromises on design or quality of build,” says Ocea UK managing director, Alan Thorne.
Starline currently offers six swimming pool design all boasting unique Starline properties. The attractive looking Urban Active is an appealing compact swimming pool option suitable for all sizes of gardens meanwhile, the sleek design of the Infinity Line offers pools an executive appeal and an extra allure.
Made from the best materials available, with the option to personalise each pool with a wealth of fixtures and fittings, Starline prides itself on its low-maintenance appeal.
“With five-star appeal, backed by strong marketing, we are delighted to partner with a prestigious network of dealers who have exclusive access to the product,” adds Alan.

WITH MANY EXCLUSIVE DEALER territories in place, you have to move fast to fill the remaining gaps in the Starline national network.

My Pool Direct has built a solid reputation for supplying luxury holiday parks, general builders and specialist pool trades with a tried and trusted range of one-piece pool product, sourced from multiple partners across Europe.
Offering both fibreglass and polymer finishes, the company boasts an extensive choice of models in various shapes, sizes and colour finishes.
My Pool Direct’s one-piece pools can be purchased as bespoke polymer overflow or skimmer pool packages, installed quickly, without compromising its surface integrity or appearance.
Suitable for both commercial and residential use, many of the company’s pool installations are completed indoors or under a retractable enclosure.
Vitally, the company maintains high stock levels at their storage facility in Thurrock in Essex which enables the company to offer unrivalled lead times.
“A one-piece pool from our stock will half the time frame of a liner pool build,” explains Craig Nicholls, who used to build using traditional pool construction methods.
“When a customer rings and says we want something tomorrow, we literally are able to supply on that basis.
“The one-piece pools’ biggest selling point is its fast-track installation which can have customers swimming literally within weeks,” he adds.
Craig stumbled into the swimming pool market by accident when looking for accessories for a family pool and spotted a gap in the market that one-piece pools are ready, willing and able to fill.
“There is a problem in the trade about the stigma of Ebay-sourced one-piece pool purchases for under £5k that are simply not up to the task,” Craig points out.
“On the other hand, you only have to feel the weight and rigidity of other brands that are robustly built and scream pure quality.
Although supplying to end-users, My Pool Direct offers a separate B2B division and recommends new customers first order by phone to ensure that everything required is acknowledged up-front. Those then more familiar with the company’s swimming pool inventory can then switch to their online ordering system.

MY POOL DIRECT has invested in UK stock to ensure the fast turnaround on its one-piece pool orders.
MY POOL DIRECT has invested in UK stock to ensure the fast turnaround on its one-piece pool orders.

Meanwhile, Niveko monopools, part of the Pollet Pool Group, are proving to be ever more popular on the British market, appealing to both residential and commercial markets.
The high-tech polymer used to manufacture Niveko pools is the state-of-the-art material in its field and its properties guarantee an outstanding durability.
Owing to the great demand for their pools, the company has decided to offer its products through a new distribution channel, the HTP Group.
HTP Group director, Lewis Salvidge, is an experienced professional in the pool industry. From the beginning of this year, he has focused entirely on setting up a new network of Niveko pool dealers, which Lewis himself will coordinate.
Extended co-operation with HTP is a logical step for Niveko, 12 years since the company began installing the one-piece luxury pool.
Important part of HTP’s new role is seeking out new NIVEKO pool dealers across the UK, including Scotland and Ireland.
Certikin, which was previously the primary distributor of NIVEKO pools on the British market, will continue to work with the company, alongside HTP, as fully-fledged professional partners.

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