The Daisy + water treatment system was the ideal choice for this eco-minded customer…

Scooping both the over £120k Residential Pools title and the Energy Efficiency and Eco Pool Of the Year crown, this double award winning residential pool project turned the heads of the judges in the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards. Created by Knutsford-based Cheshire Swimming Pools & Spas, this one-piece

Riviera Pool measures 3.7m x 12.5m, with an infinity edge. Overlooking the Bollin River, a major tributary of the River Mersey, the challenging pool installation, on a sloping garden, was achieved with the use of a tele-handler and a 60-tonne crane to manoeuvre the shell over the property. The Cheshire team even had to get permission from nearby John Lennon airport. The brief required an uncomplicated design, which would sit comfortably in the surrounding gardens.

To provide exercise, relaxation, and family fun. As the client is a leading figure in the marine biology profession, the main focus was to have crystal clear water with minimal chemical use. The installation of the Daisy+ filtration system with AS overflow control delivers the required ultralow chlorine levels and crystal clear water with minimal maintenance.

Creating a relaxing and inviting centre piece, the pool blends into its surroundings, holding the eye with its crystal-clear blue water and elegant sublimity. The classic rectangular shape and simple one-piece structure with infinity edge sees the water vanish into the view beyond beautifully. The hidden under-step cover cave enables the simplicity of design to be maintained. At night the underwater and surrounding garden lighting illuminates the pool accentuating its position and creates an inviting appeal.

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