rioPools_1Rio Pools and Cranbourne Stone deliver for Calcot Spa…

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading spa hotels, Calcot Spa unveiled a revitalised water leisure offering for its award- winning wellness venue earlier this year, following a significant refurbishment and renovation. Fundamental to the redesign and build of the pool and spa area was Rio Pools working preferred supplier, Cranbourne Stone in providing bespoke high-quality stone products for swimming pool finishes. Working in close collaboration with Calcot Spa’s interior designer, the team specified innovative materials to completely renovate the 17-year-old hotel Spa’s indoor pool, children’s pool and wet areas. The project was particularly challenging as there was a seven week window to complete the works. The first task for Rio Pools was to carefully cool and drain both pools, removing old mosaics and meticulously protecting the tanking system with epoxy membranes. The old concrete columns were demolished, and every single wall and floor tile was removed from the Spa and re-laid with tiles sourced and provided by Cranbourne Stone. The internal surfaces of the pools were also retiled with a mid-grey large-format tile, and all the white and stainless faceplates were replaced with new stainless or colour-coded components. To bring the design to life, and to achieve Calcot Spa’s vision of bringing the surroundings inside through the inclusion of natural materials, Cranbourne Stone suggested using wood porcelain for the pool-shell interior and surround. Wood porcelain has the appearance of beautifully- grained wood with the benefit of slip-resistant properties and durability, making it the perfect material for both the pool’s lining and the surround.

The wood porcelain tiles are made from a mix of natural clay and finely ground sand, which is then pressed and fired at a very high temperature. Each design is baked onto the body of the surface of the tile, to produce natural-looking tiles that provide both longevity and practicality.
Cranbourne Stone worked closely with Rio Pools, Calcot Spa’s interior designer and architect to use wood porcelain in the pool interior, skirting, surrounds, deck level grilles and to create a stunning seating area. By utilising wood porcelain in the main pool, the children’s pool and its wet areas, the design flowed throughout the Spa. “The pool was more municipal in aesthetic; very typical of commercial pools built up and down the country at the turn of century,” says Shelley Willcox, Director Rio Pools. “We used Cranbourne Stone’s double-slot drainage system around the perimeter of the pool,” Shelley continues. “This was new to us, and correcting the falls and levels in the surround tiling was key to ensuring wash water didn’t puddle in all the wrong places. “The tilers also had fun with the windmill-effect Semifore wall tiles in the changing room lobbies; it’s like a magic-eye picture —a really striking effect.” emphasised Shelley. The pool refurbishment was successfully completed on schedule and Calcot Spa re-opened with a fully revamped luxurious swimming pool and spa facility.

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