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ABOVE: RolloSolar slatted covers are now available in the UK through Lighthouse Pools.

With more slatted cover system options than ever available on the market, suppliers could be forgiven for whipping up a price war in an attempt to increase their share of the sales’ cake. On the contrary, both wholesalers and manufacturers are holding their nerve, and their prices, on a quality pool product, unanimously declaring, when it comes to slatted covers, the price is right. “Year in, year out, we’ve seen DEL experience continual growth in slatted cover sales across Europe and the UK,” says Jamie Adams of Golden Coast. “As a result, DEL is committed to continually investing in its manufacturing technique to improve efficiency and develop technical improvements,” he adds. “That’s why, for years to come, DEL will continue to offer exceptional market value for pool builders looking to develop long-term partnerships,” he adds.COMPETITIVE PACKAGE “The price is right for the product we offer. Indeed, the combination of the DEL’s quality and reliability, with exceptional support from Golden Coast make the DEL range a very attractive and competitive package for customers.” Oase offer a strategic advantage by side-stepping the middle man. “We sell directly from the factory to the pool builder. This gives us the advantage to be able to offer better prices, but also to deal straight with the pool builder instead of37having to pass through an intermediary” Frederic emphasises: “If you want quality, you have to pay the right price for the product. It’s impossible to deliver quality and make quality improvements with low prices. “If prices are too low, you know something is wrong,” Frederic warns. “Our success in selling covers in the UK could only be achieved by selling quality covers with good service,” comments Oase’s Frederic Claeys. “We’re only a two hour drive away from London and that helps to serve the UK market. “Being a small company gives you more flexibility than being a multinational and of course we have 50 years of expertise to call upon.” BETTER BY DESIGN Ocea put their slatted covers eggs into a design-led sales basket. Offering a unique colour change option on its award-winning website, Alan Thorne of Ocea comments: “The advantage of choosing Ocea is we can offer you the largest range of colour options as standard and then literally any bespoke request, whether from architect or client, to complement their pool theme and design.“We have no ugly rails that spoil design but offer quality engineered options – as long as the pit is big enough Ocea can create a cover that is fit for purpose.”Witney neighbours, Certikin and Roldeck have been in partnership for over 40 years. Certikin’s automatic cover sales manager, Jo Catterall comments: “It is true that there are many more slatted covers in the market place to choose from than a decade ago. ABOVE: Check out Ocea’s website for product information and its unique colour-changing cover design option. Fit For PurposeSpecifying an Ocea slatted pool cover allowed for a reduction in air temperature when the cover is on turning the pool hall into a multi-use area with a gym in an additional mezzanine area. Earning a silver award in the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards, this Tanby Pools project features a listed country home with an indoor pool and a glazed pool hall with expansive bi-folding doors.The large bi-fold doors on both sides and views over the stunning countryside further enhance the flow to the outdoors. All these design factors proved a challenge for the environmental control but linear slot floor grilles around the entire perimeter dealt with this. “However, the Roldeck from Starline remains the Rolls Royce in terms of quality, innovation and aesthetic appearance.” Jo points out: “There must be literally thousands of slatted covers in the UK over 20 years old in need of a revamp. “This ‘replacement’ market is relatively untapped and therefore is an ideal opportunity for the pool trade to maximise their turnover. Roldeck slats are available in a variety of colours and will fit most other slatted cover systems – they are the perfect way in which to rejuvenate a pool.” New kids on the slatted covers block, Lighthouse is proud to be working with Rollo Solar, a family run business that has built its strong position in the German market over the last 30 years and prides itself in the ability to manufacture pool covers to suit any application. FACTORY VISIT Comments Lighthouse’s John Whiteside: “On a recent visit to the factory it was clear to see how proud the engineers were of their product and the quality of the workshops aired a sense of true ‘German engineering’. From the in-house stainless steel fabrication, through to the assisted robotic slatted cover production the factory felt more like a showroom for production excellence.” The Rollo Solar cover system can offer an option to suit any pool, new or existing: in-pit, cave, pool floor or top mounted bench. Not to mention the various options available for pit housing covers, support rails, complete benches and separating walls in a multitude of colours as well as the options ready to tile to match the pool. Along with this Rollo Solar have the automated in-ground dry pit system which is becoming very popular. With its exceptional reputation for good reliability, high-build quality and features that reduce the cost of ownership, ABOVE: For this outdoor pool project, Elm Leisure specified a Roldeck with aluminium looking PC60 polycarbonate slats which emerges from a hidden pit. Offering an impressive four week lead time, Astral Pool UK offers the Hydro deck slatted pool cover system available in both polycarbonate and pvc profile options.The Hydrodeck offers significant energy savings compared with non-slatted covers, by reducing water evaporation and by providing an insulating layer to the pool surface.Fitted inside the submersible cover roller, the Hydrodeck’s purpose-built submersible drive system, with a nitrogen filled stainless steel motor, runs at 24v.Its above ground drive system is designed to suit new and existing pools with all mechanical components located inside the cover roller that is operated by either a key switch or remote control .COVERSDEL, available through Golden Coast, offers the trade and owners alike very good value for money. OPPORTUNTY KNOCKS Says Jamie: “It’s important not to miss an opportunity. So, whether you’re discussing a new pool project or upgrades to an existing pool, it’s worth spending a moment making the customer aware this option exists and the benefits of installation. “At Golden Coast, we’re always looking for ways we can help our customers’ businesses to grow. Installation is one area where we feel they are missing an opportunity to profit. “When it comes to providing the product support necessary to install a cover, many suppliers are lacking to the extent that pool builders must rely on them to install – reducing the project’s profitability.”“We are always encouraging customers to visit us to find out what the range offers their customers and also what we can offer as a partnership as a trade customer. This partnership approach ensures a closer understanding of how to handle issues when they arise. “We also arrange regular visits to the DEL factory in France. While this allows us to work more closely, it also gives our trade customers a greater understanding of the product offering – including technical aspects.”Aquadeck® is a manufacturer of pool covers for swimming pools and a new proud member of the Pollet Pool Group since 2016. The entire production process of every Aquadeck pool cover takes place in our own production facilities. A technological advanced and innovative manufacturer, Aquadeck is a state of the art product: stylish, technologically advanced slatted cover option. Due to the different installation options, you easily integrate the stylish cover in both existing or new pools. The unique anti-algae system keeps the slats clean. Moreover, the insulating effect of the slats provides a pleasant water temperature. This effect is even strengthened if you install the solar slats, resulting in significant energy savings. Don’t forget to ask about the Aquadeck® Partner Program that aims to give trade customers an additional and permanent reward incentives.

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