Hot Tub retailers eye all-in-one pool potential…

STARLINE PRICE points range from available from £40,000 to £100,000.

The hot tub market’s loss is the pool market’s gain as we see increasingly more home spa retailers dip a toe into swimming pool provision through an ever-evolving selection of top drawer, one-piece pool offerings. Switched-on businesses are increasingly seeing the booming sector of one-piece pools, with their pre-plumbed fast-track installation credentials, as a very welcome diversion from a downturn in spa and swim spa sales.

“Unlike the extensive digging and construction involved with concrete or panel pools, one-piece pools are delivered as a single-piece and can be installed on a prepared site in just a few days,” points out Ocea UK’s Alan Thorne, the distributor of the outstanding Starline range in the UK.

“Starline dealers can invariably complete swimming pool orders from start to finish within six weeks,” Alan continues. “Starline delivers a fully complete product, with all fixtures including lights, injector nozzles, skimmers, jet streams, pipework, cover, steps and other accessories, having been pre-assembled in the factory, under the full responsibility of Starline and with a full Starline warranty,” he says and adds: “This makes Starline entirely unique.”

With an abundant choice of nine models to choose from, Starline has been supplying and producing high-quality composite pools made in one piece since 1973. The brand has more than 20,000 completed pools in the Benelux region alone. Working through Ocea UK, customers can choose from nine Starline pool models, designed and manufactured in Holland, available at an average installed price from £40,000 to £100,000.


STARLINE DELIVERS a fully complete product, with all fixtures pre-assembled prior to despatch.

With Starline territories going fast, interested parties need to move fast to join the Ocea UK network of premium dealers. The one-piece pool offering in the UK received a major boost with the arrival of the Australian Aqua Technics brand on British shores.

Indeed, the Aqua Technics Pools range of one-piece composite swimming pools was one of the stand-out pool trade at this year’s Spatex exhibition. The product and dealer support programme were incredibly well-received by attendees, with a number of exclusive territories being assigned before Spatex closed its doors.

Applications from ambitious dealers across the UK and ROI are welcomed and the team looks forward to talking about the benefits, unique selling features, unrivalled dealer support, and attractive margins available. Manufactured by Aquatic Leisure Technologies of Perth, Western Australia, their pools are renowned for their unparalleled quality, high-tech construction materials, unique selling features, and exceptional design.

Aqua Technics one-piece pools are engineered using the latest technology and the highest quality materials, ensuring that they are the best one-piece pools in the world. Australia is the home of the swimming pool, boasting more domestic pools per-capita than any other country in the world, and Aqua Technics Pools have been at the forefront of the market for nearly 50 years, with the same family at the helm today as when it was founded.

Aqua Technics’ multi-international award-winning pools are exported all over the globe. Plentiful stocks of the most popular models in the most popular colours are held in stock at their Ashford distribution centre, meaning very rapid delivery and installation times for UK and Irish dealers can be achieved. Their commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at stocking these exceptional pools in the UK.

Pools are fitted-out in Ashford with whatever choice of options the consumer has, with the dealer’s guidance, chosen to order; and tested before being shipped out. Similarly, prefabricated plant rooms are manufactured and comprehensively tested and shipped out on the same purpose-built, crane-equipped truck as the pool, so that the vending dealer’s engineers merely have to run an electricity supply to the plant room and connect pipe runs between the pool and plant-room when it’s installed.

There is also a comprehensive programme of dealer sales and marketing support, and product training; as well as a consumer PR campaign, to help dealers get as many sales as possible. Looking to meet the increasing demand for all-in-one pool options, there is now the biggest choice of one-piece pools than ever before in the UK. It is the clambering demand that has triggered the mighty Fluidra to introduce their own range, now available now through AstralPool UK.

EXPERIENCED SUPPLIERS LIKE Aqua Technics are taking the strain when it comes to straight-forward one-piece pool installations.

Not to be out-gunned, the Niveko Pools team welcomes existing and new dealers to the pool of the future with its Niveko Motion Pool. Nowadays, with technological progress affecting every sphere of our lives, it is not surprising that even traditional swimming pools are seeing some revolutionary changes.

NIVEKO is now coming up with a product that goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary swimming pools and opens the door to a new era in the pool industry. NIVEKO presents a multifunctional pool that is flexible enough to suit every member of the family yet is also an exceptional, state-of-the-art product with a timeless design – a pool with a movable bottom!

The NIVEKO Motion pool combines state-of-the-art technology, quality of NIVEKO pools and more than 30 years of experience. For the sake of convenience, the product is supplied “all-In-one”, i.e. the pool including a movable bottom without the need for additional installation. This approach underlines our efforts to provide not only an outstanding product, but also a seamless and fast process from start to finish.

The movable bottom allows the depth of the pool to be easily adjusted to suit each user’s specific needs. The wide range of options for setting any depth from 0 to 150 cm allows the pool to be used as a safe paddling pool for children or as a full swimming pool for adults.

This flexibility means the pool can also be used by persons with limited physical mobility or for physiotherapy. The NIVEKO Motion pool adapts to all your needs. Raising the bottom to ground level prevents anyone from entering the pool when it is unattended or not in use, making it safe for every member of the family, including pets.

The NIVEKO Motion pool is not only economical, it also offers an eco-friendly design solution. The system is easy to operate and does not use any hydraulic or mechanical drives. The fact that no oils or lubricants are used eliminates the risk of contamination, ensuring that the water stays clean and free of any unwanted substances.

In addition, the movable bottom effectively prevents overheating, heat loss and minimises evaporation. It prevents dirt from getting into the pool, significantly reducing the need for maintenance. The pool does not need to be prepared for the winter, as the movable bottom also serves as an effective covering of water surface.

CLAMMERING demand for one- piece-pool mastery has seen Fluidra introduce its own range, now available through AstralPool UK.

The NIVEKO Motion pool offers all the advantages of traditional NIVEKO pools, including easy installation, but with an added touch of luxury and innovation. Stunning design, excellent quality and practicality – the ideal choice for anyone expecting more than just the ordinary options from their pool.

With a single click or turn of the key, you can easily transform your pool into a full-fledged terrace, make the most of any garden space. Niveko pools UK, distributed by HTP Group, have strategic and professional pool builders within a dealer network. “We are working closely with experienced pool builders looking for a one-piece pool solution, fully supported with training and backup here in the UK,” says HTP’s Lewis Savidge.

HTP group are the main distributor in the UK that provides sales, marketing and installation trading for dealers together with product and technical support here and at the Factory in the Czech Republic. Lewis personally ensures each dealer is hand-picked and supported throughout on the back of years of experience, over 14 years in the UK. This ensures the installation process and the aftercare is one of the best available with reliable help available to support your future pool builds.

CUSTOMERS CAN choose from nine Starline pool models, designed and manufactured in Holland.


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