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Fitness 1With an estimated 2.5 million Brits working out in water every week, it is no wonder that aquatic fitness is creating big waves in the leisure sector. Technological advancements combined with the heightened awareness of the benefits of exercising in water, has led to a growing demand for aquatic fitness and its associated products.

The health benefits of speak for themselves. Swimming, even at a gentle pace will burn about 200 calories in half an hour. Water is 800 times denser than air, so we have to make more effort, and therefore expend more energy, to move about in a pool. Jogging through water, for example, will burn up to 11.5 calories per minute compared to the eight calories you would shed on land. From a commercial perspective, leading leisure operator Everyone Active has seen a steady rise in the popularity of swimming-focused training and fitness sessions.

Mark Talley, Everyone Active’s Group Fitness Manager comments: “Traditional aqua type classes have perhaps declined slightly in their popularity and hence the number of classes we offer has reduced. However, we have seen a growth in interest for more swimming focused activity, in relation to training for endurance events such as triathlons, open water swims and charity events. This is linked to the rise nationally in participation in such events, which I predict will continue to grow.”


Everyone Active offers a broad spectrum of aquatic based fitness activities at its facilities, each with a range of benefits depending on the activity itself. For the deconditioned, general aquatic activities offer benefits of a non-weight bearing environment, which is less hard on bones and joints. For the more specialist fitness sessions the activity itself is inherent within the training.

Mark adds: “The aqua fitness classes generally tend to attract predominantly female participants, with a high proportion of these being in the 50+ age bracket. However, we do see a higher proportion of males and younger participants for some of the circuit ABOVE: Water is 800 times denser than air, so we have to make more effort, and therefore expend more energy, to move about in a pool.

“The swim related training programmes and sessions have a very mixed profile of participants, again consistent with the growth of these type of activities.” Meanwhile private pool and pool operators are also turning their attention to aquatic fitness by investing in products that can transform smaller pools into full-on training facilities.


Counter current systems are one of the most effective additions to small pools – whether they’re brand-new builds or are decades old. For installers, a retrofit unit is quick and easy to install. For customers, they deliver the experience of full-length pool swimming without added expense, while providing them with opportunities for hydrotherapeutic massage and aqua-aerobics. “In the UK, space comes at a premium and nowhere is this truer than when you’re working with an existing pool.

Alongside this, we’re seeing a growth in customers prioritising their health and well being,” comments Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast. “When it comes to winning contracts, successful companies inspire their customers with a smart use of space which increases the pool’s functionality and space, while meeting all their needs, including some they didn’t even know they had.”

Golden Coast’s exclusive range of BADU Jet counter current units delivers a host of benefits that increase a pool’s functionality without demanding more space. The BADUJet Vogue allows swimmers continuous swimming for health and fitness, while its pulsating massage function is the perfect choice for easing aches and pains. Meanwhile the BADUJet Vogue Deluxe is equipped with stainless-steel air regulator, control buttons and nozzle as standard. There is also a stainless-steel handrail option available for a complete look.

The BADUJet Wave goes one step further. It brings together everything customers are looking for in ‘dream pools’, including underwater massage function, gentle waves and continuous swimming

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