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Residential and commercial Endless Pools are now used for swimming, competitive stroke training, exercise, physical therapy, and family fun.

With an estimated 2.7 million Brits working out in water every week swimming and aquatic fitness is creating bigger waves than ever in the leisure market.

Heightened awareness of swim spas and exercise pools is creating steady ripples of interest in the UK market offering a valuable additional revenue stream for switched on businesses. With add-on bonus sales in accessories like counter current units as well as purpose-built aquatic workout machines – companies are limbering up for the aquatic fast lane.

Market-leading Endless Pools has been leading the aquatic workout charge for nearly 20 years: “The Endless Pool is ideal for the residential market, especially in the UK,” comments John Lee of Endless Pools UK.

“Smaller gardens, inclement weather and a love of swimming makes for the perfect partnership between product and user”.

Since 1988, Endless Pools has installed more than 20,000 pools in more than 100 countries. A recent study by the company revealed that more than 90 per cent of owners still us their exercise pool at least once a week, even after 10 years of ownership. The Endless Pools Pool Series boasts a modular design that can be installed outside or indoors and the size can be customised for length, width, and depth.

Meanwhile the Spa Series adds the benefit of hydrotherapy with ergonomic jetted seating in a fully functional fitness pool. Both series’ can include the Endless Pools swim current, which is fully adjustable to suit every swimmer, from toddlers to triathletes.

John adds: “Looking ahead, we are expanding our efforts into the world of privatised physiotherapy, swim stroke analysis, water-babies instruction and triathlon training. Open water swimming is also an emerging and growing market.”

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It is the residential home customers sector that is stimulating a large proportion of overall sales of swim spas and exercise pools. Pic: Hydropool Swim Spas.

A hybrid of a swimming pool and a spa, the swim spa is another aquatic exercise product that has seen growth in recent years. The swim spa allows for buoyancy in the water which is a great benefit when it comes to exercising. Equipped with a counter current and hydrotherapy features, the swim spa has proven to be an ideal choice for those looking to reap the benefits of a swimming pool with the luxury of a spa. First brought to the market over 25 years ago, many of today’s swim spas look much the same as the original concept with a spa layout at one end and a swim tank with jets at the other. As their popularity has grown, so too has the choice of models available.

“Combining both exercise and hydrotherapy, the two go hand in hand extremely well, so it’s no wonder that swim spas are becoming increasingly popular,” says Vicky Wrigglesworth of Artesian Spas UK.

“Our swim spas have always been designed as exercise pools and this year has seen the launch of our full range. We now cater for everyone from the family pool to the full size training pool and from the amateur to the professional swimmer.”

Artesian Spas UK first introduced their TidalFit swim spa range in Europe in 2008, starting with the hugely successful 14ft model. Following consumer demand for a larger swimming area, Artesian produced a 15ft version, which is not only bigger in length but also depth. The TidalFit offers a choice of two different adjustable swim jets, both providing a variable swim current perfect for light and strong swimmers alike. The exercise element of the TidalFit also comprises of stretch bands, rowing equipment and running tether too to provide a complete workout.

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