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ABOVE: With kits like these from Golden Coast, it’s no wonder homeowners are taking the plunge.

New research from Post Office Money has shown that, over the past five years, renovations and improvements have added £40,000, on average, to our home values. It’s quite a return, when you consider that, we typically spend £14,015 each.
With house market growth slowing down, the study shows that homeowners are actively looking for smart ways to increase how much their homes are worth.
Some parts of the garden are better for investment than others. A breakdown of figures found that installing a new £25,000 driveway boosts a home’s value by 9 per cent, while adding a £30,000 swimming pool drives a value up by 22 per cent on average.
Each month, approximately 10,000 new homes are built in the UK and as many of 2,000 of them have been developed by private individuals, according to figures from NHBC. Many turn to selfbuild to finally achieve the home of their dreams and some include swimming pools in their plans.

“It’s not every day that you decide to dig a big hole in your back garden and install a swimming pool,” points out Paramount Pools’ managing director Steve Martin. “However, with our DIY kits, it’s easier than you would imagine. “When most people consider a swimming pool, they imagine a fullytiled concrete pool with a horrific cost. And they would be right!” The average cost of a concrete pool starts at £50,000 and typically requires 8 to 10 weeks to build. For contractors and clients alike, the prefabricated nature and affordable pricing of pool kits makes them a very attractive alternative for buyers.
Benefits don’t stop there, according to Steve: “One of the great advantages of choosing a liner-type pool construction is that its look can be quickly refreshed by replacing the liner.
“Typically this is needed about once every seven to 10 years. It’s a really simple and straightforward process that won’t break the bank.
Using current costs, you can expect to pay £2150 for liner replacement. “Your pool’s liner is its cosmetic finish. When it’s replaced, you’ll have an installation that looks brand-new.”

When it comes to new builds, however, the cost of groundworks can prove a stumbling block. That’s why, in developing its DIY Kafkokits, Paramount Pools looked for ways to reduce this.
“It’s possible to raise the pool above ground level by as much as 18” – using the soil to build a patio around it. This can be finished with either a retaining wall or gradually sloping turf.

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ABOVE: Paramount’s Kafko pool pits include a DIY range for self-builders and one for professionals, too. Pic Hydrocare

“This saves on the cost of earth removal and the time and effort demanded by excavation… especially if there’s any digging by hand required.” Paramount Pool’s DIY kits are available in depths of four or five feet. But going deeper isn’t any more expensive.
Steve explains: “The same liner can be used for both depths. The expandable liner will stretch into position as long as excavation is carried out to specified dimensions. “However, changing the depth may alter your plumbing configuration and heater requirements. It’s really important for buyers to discuss their intention to increase the depth with their dealer.”
Kafko DIY kits are ideal for self-builders and consist of a 48” depth polymer panel wall system featuring polymer bracing every 4’.
Paramount’s Kafko Professional Pool Kits have been engineered with experienced pool builders in mind. Like Kafko DIY, all panels are pre-cut prior to delivery. Says Steve: “We use a custom-made jig to make sure your skimmer(s) and light fitting(s) are installed accurately and easily. “Designed for reliability, Kafko polymer pool panels benefit from a lifetime guarantee and feature ‘X-treme’ polymer panels or steel bracing. “Unlike DIY models with one depth, professional models have a shallow-to-deep-end configuration,” adds Steve.
Pool kits provide contractors and homeowners with an easy solution. But, according to Golden Coast, the choice is limited. Sales director Adam Clark explains: “Compared to a few years ago, there are less kits available. That’s why it’s crucial to choose your kit wisely.
After all, it’s not just good for your customer, it’s good for your business, too.”Golden Coast’s range of polymer pool kits provide everything needed to create a pool – including high-quality fittings. Three options are available (Standard, Mercury and Platinum).

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ABOVE: Paramount pool kits offer the ‘wow’ factor that owners want.

Adam continues: “For customers looking for a high-end finish, our deluxe Platinum kit comes complete with a liner, walk-in-step unit, underwater light, solar cover, winter debris cover and telescopic roller.
“The kits are great because we can customise them specifically to what the customer wants. For example, if they are looking for highefficiency, we can specify the kit with one of our powerful DURA PRO heat pumps. They’re equipped with an oversized titanium exchanger and are protected by a two-year warranty. It’s outstanding value – whether you’re buying it on its own or as part of a kit. “ Robustly designed, the kits incorporate a host of technical features designed to make installation quicker and easier, including full support from Golden Coast.
Kits are assembled using fast-fit 48” high panels in lengths of one, two, four and six feet. Every panel size – except for one-foot – is supplied with cut-out details for skimmers and pool lights.
Adam adds: “Because the holes can be cut using a jigsaw after panels are erected, you can make positioning decisions at the last minute.” Support buttresses utilise a proven X-frame design for enhanced strength and rigidity. Heavy duty anchor stakes offer further security.

“One of the strongest arguments for choosing our Swimmer Pool Kits is the speed at which they enable a project to come together from the outset,” says Adam. “Ordering it couldn’t be easier as the kits contain everything you need. “When the time comes for delivery, you can expect to receive it in a single delivery that includes high-quality pool fittings, vacuum and chemical equipment, he continues. Kits also include a multi-cyclone pre-filter to improve water clarity and plant efficiency, while saving thousands of gallons water lost through traditional backwashing methods.
Adam adds: “In short, it gives you everything you need – including full instructions and technical backup from the Golden Coast team. However, it’s so easy to build that you probably won’t need them.” While a competent builder can easily install a kit, Golden Coast recommends engaging a pool professional for the fitting of the liner and plumbing in filtration.


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