Labour of Love _3 Blue Cube Pools revamps a tired old pool…

It is amazing just how much you can transform a pool when you combine imagination and skill. This renovation has been a labour of love and Bedfordshire-based Blue Cube Pools could not be happier with the outcome. The customer wanted to create a space which would become the ultimate focal point for family gatherings and relaxation, a space which felt welcoming and luxurious. They also wanted to add a tiled spa to complete their wellbeing space. As you can see from the pictures, the original pool was a great size and offered a wonderful space to swim, however it looked dated, tired and quite uninviting. The enclosure wasn’t very warm and the customer felt a lot could be done to improve the efficiency of the pool. The project started with the complete removal of the surrounding flooring, enclosure and old liner. Blue Cube Pools then set about removing the roman end and treating the pool shell. While this work was going on, the hole for the tiled spa was being prepared. The tile spa is 2.4m2 with upgraded tiles.

Alongside the aesthetic upgrades to the pool, BC also upgraded the main drains to comply with health and safety standards by adding another main drain, the fittings are all grey to compliment the other grey elements within the room and spa. With safety in mind the customer wanted to ensure all precautions were taken to protect his family, so he invested in an Aquaguard disappearing leading edge safety cover, in a grey to compliment the other colours chosen in the room including the tiled spa. The heating and dehumidification is being managed by the Aeris 50 which offers up to an 80% electrical saving which will help to keep costs down. The customer chose a lightcoloured liner to contrast against the grey porcelain coping yet match the surrounding tiles. However, to break the mould when it comes to liner pools, Blue Cube added stone treads to the internal steps. Attention to detail has resulted in an outstanding renovation.

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