Nerves Of Steel

 The Luxe range of stainless steel one-piece pools is designed to cater for the smaller boutique hotel and domestic environments where a high quality upmarket look is essential.
The Luxe range of stainless steel one-piece pools is designed to cater for the smaller boutique hotel and domestic environments where a high quality upmarket look is essential.

Besides flawless good looks and alluring contemporary charm, stainless steel pools ooze pulling power and that all-important ‘wow’ factor.

Our relatively new-found love affair with stainless steel pools can be attributed to greater knowledge and appreciation of its unique properties, so much so that today, stainless steel is an established product for pools built in both modern and traditional buildings.

“The enquiries for stainless steel pools seem to be coming through thick and fast, and it shows no sign of slowing down,” reveals Paul Morgan of Morgan Bros Leisure. “Particularly popular with architects, they seem appeal to a modern market. The majority of our clients have opted for stainless steel for aesthetic reasons, but also because they are low maintenance,” says Paul.

Led by demand, the leisure division of Morgan Bros was established two years ago, specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel pools and spas for residential and commercial clients. The pools are produced at the specialist factory in Lancashire and sent to site as a flat-pack kit, where the welding and installation is undertaken. Morgan Bros Leisure’s high profile clients to date include Leicester City and West Ham Football Clubs.

“Crucially, stainless steel pools have a long life expectancy. Our pools manufactured from AISI-316L, which is one of the highest grade stainless steels you can get, meaning that they will last for years and years, providing they are well-maintained and looked after.”

Stainless steel has inherent properties which make it particularly suitable for swimming pools; the material can be fashioned into a wide variety of shapes and styles of pool. Stainless steel is easy to expand and modify, even many years down the line when a client may wish to refurbish their pool. Stainless steel is also permanently watertight, so is impervious to frost damage, discolouration or bleaching from UV resistance.

“There have been tremendous technological developments over the last 60 years. Close liaison with the pool industry and marketing has dramatically increased the level of awareness and understanding about stainless steel pool construction,” comments Jamie Smith, managing director at London Swimming Pool Company (LSPC).

“Demand has been and continues to be driven by the municipal sector; however, private clients are quickly following this trend.”

The competition pool with diving area at the Karl Dibiasi Swimming Center in Bolzano, Italy was transformed from an outdated tiled pool into a gleaming stainless steel pool in 2014. A Berndorf Bäderbau stainless steel pool, it measures 25.03m x 16.16 m, covers a water surface of 404.00sqm and the depth ranges from 1.35m to 4.96m. Berndorf Bäderbau recently appointed LSPC as an official partner and the two companies now collaborate on pool projects in London and the Home Counties.

Jamie comments: “In the early days, all swimming pools were made of aluminum, but product developments in the early 1970s led to the industrial manufacture of stainless steel pools. Instead of just square pools being built, Berndorf Bäderbau started producing free-form overflow channels over 28 years ago.”

He adds: “We were keen to work with Berndorf Bäderbau because of its extensive experience going back to the1960s, and its pioneering developments. New material combinations, for example, stainless steel and acrylic glass, are also now possible.”

“Stainless steel is very popular with the high-end residential pools market, especially in London and other affluent areas,” reveals Simon Jones of AstralPool UK. “We estimate that a stainless steel pool is around 34 per cent more expensive that a concrete pool, which is why it’s seen as an upmarket, luxury alternative.”

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