Liners offer quality pool refurbishment upgrades…

A KIDNEY-SHAPED pool EXTREME liner installation courtesy of Plastica. Pic. Home Counties Pools and Spas.

Service and refurbishment offers a vital revenue stream for the core pool trade. Specialist distributors are more than willing to help out with a steady flow of new and improved equipment to promote. Pool liners are an obvious avenue for repeat maintenance business.

Tell tale signs of an ageing liner include:
• Wrinkling
• Fading and staining
• Cracking and Tearing

It’s best not to try to squeeze more life out of a pool’s liner as this can damage your pool and necessitate additional, costly repairs. Proactive maintenance not only spares clients long-term costs but also proves more cost-effective than constructing anew.

Plastica offers an inclusive range of solutions, including liner replacements, pool room upgrades, solar or winter debris cover installations, and modern reel systems. Their majority product line-up is produced within their UK- based factory.

Cost-effectiveness is a prime advantage of their in-house manufacturing approach, translating to lower customer expenses while guaranteeing top-tier products. Moreover, their offerings bear the “Made in Britain” label, aligned with ISO 9001 standards by the British Assessment Bureau.

DETAIL OF AN EXTREME installation for steps with non-slip white liner on Marble Liner with a Malmoa tileband. Pic. Home Counties Pools and Spas

With a lifespan in the region of six to ten years on average, in-ground pool liners are an ideal opportunity for repeat business. Plastica excels in crafting and surveying domestic pool liners, utilising advanced plotter cutters for precision. Liners come in 0.50mm or 0.75mm thickness, impregnated with algaecide and antioxidants. Patterned materials sport a lacquer coating for durability.

Coordinating tile bands boast triple-coated lacquer to prevent waterline staining. Plastica’s liners are produced at a renowned UK facility, known for quality. The company’s 5-year-guarantee emphasises beauty and resilience, with each liner embossed for easy replacement.

Plastica’s tailored approach caters to trade clients, providing unique products like unconventional liners and distinctive handrail designs. In-house manufacturing enables flexibility and supplementary services, ensuring long-term user satisfaction. Plastica’s ExtremeTM Pool Lining system, applied in over 3000 pools, efficiently renovates, and enhances the pool.

It offers rapid installation without curing time, adaptable for year-round use. The liner’s resilience withstands cracking, frost, and scratches. ExtremeTM liners come with 10-year and 5-year guarantees for different applications. Certikin aims to offer the most comprehensive portfolio of stylish, high quality, durable liner options.

Latest additions to the Aquasense Granit range and the 10 colourway options provide an impressive, very realistic natural stone-effect and are of the highest quality. Another new entry to the market is Vogue Tropical by Renolit making the range now available in four luxurious textures. The 2mm reinforced laminate is printed and inspired by interior design and trends.

“Whether it’s a factory made ‘bag’ liner or a heavy-duty site applied liner, the range and quality of swimming pool vinyl linings has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years,” says Certikin Product Manager, Craig Williamson. “The strength and durability of pool vinyl has increased enormously thanks to the application of improved protective lacquers which, when combined with high quality inks and colourings, improves stain and abrasion resistance, reduces plasticiser migration and helps combat UV degradation.”

There’s now a huge variety in styles and patterns. The traditional classics have been joined by liners featuring vibrant colours, photographic printing, metallic, pearlescent finishes and engraved finishes that offer a natural stone look. The finished look can be unique, classical, dramatic or plain and simple. Each can be combined with a contrasting or complementary anti-slip material for steps and slopes many of which are an exact match to the main pool pattern.

The site applied lining option is increasingly popular with domestic owners due to its durability. Certikin’s Infinite on-site lining range uses a 1.5mm – 2mm three ply product compared to the traditional single ply 0.75mm vinyl used for factory made liners. The service is quick and efficient – taking around four working days for an average sized domestic hopper pool with steps and there is no curing or standing period.

It is suitable for both new and old pools of domestic and commercial size and can accommodate complex shapes, steps, ledges and pits. The longevity of the product, when compared to thinner linings or paints, is a major advantage, particularly for commercial pools. It comes with a 15-year pro rata warranty but the life expectancy can be double this in a well-maintained pool.

CERTIKIN’S NATURAL STONE liner look can be combined with complementary anti- slip material for steps and slopes many of which are an exact match to the main pool pattern.

Craig adds: “On-site lining is generally quick and it means that the pool trader can still earn on other projects while we are working on their behalf.” The ever popular and reliable RENOLIT Alkorplan 2000 is a 1.5mm single colour PVC liner available in eight colours, designed to last, it can be installed quickly and easily, with a 10-year guarantee. If your pool sees high numbers of bathers and frequent water treatment, consider the RENOLIT Alkorplan Xtreme collection.

The single colour 1.5mm liner comes in 6 colours and has outstanding resistance to chlorine and stains, as well as an extended 15-year warranty for watertightness. But if you want a pool to really stand out, perhaps a bolder design is the way to go. The 2mm reinforced laminate RENOLIT Alkorplan Vogue collection features decorative embossed designs with anti-slip properties.

Three prints are available: light and elegant Vintage, grey and minimalist Urban, and Mediterranean blue Summer. For ultimate durability, there’s the RENOLIT Alkorplan Touch range. The 2mm reinforced laminate offers 7 different stone designs with a 3D relief that emulates nature to give an added dimension of character. From an opulent marble finish to golden sands or timeless granite, owners can create a unique, luxurious pool.

“The RENOLIT Alkorplan liners are made up of two flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) to ensure the pool remains completely watertight in the long term,” says Luke Honnoraty, Sales Manager at Golden Coast. “The liners are also coated in a strong varnish to protect them against UV rays and general abrasions that occur with regular pool use. They really do stand the test of time. But what’s really striking about them is the designs that are on offer. Whether it’s for a new pool or a refurbishment, pool owners can put their stamp on it.”

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