THE NIVEKO TEAM offer a choice of overflow pool design options.

Overflow designs have now become Niveko’s most popular pool option. The basic version Niveko ‘overflow multi’ is supplied with an embedded PVC grid or stone. Designs include variants with infinity endless overflows, suitable for environments with a diversity of terrain. The individual overflow Advance design with its bonded stone or the minimalist Evolution, where the transition between the water, and the surrounding area is so subtle, it gives the impression of a single consistent surface. The Niveko Underflow is a highly individual version of an overflow pool, where the water flows away under the floor, thus completely eliminating any edge or end to the surface of the overflow trough. Part of the Pollet Pool Group since 2018, Niveko first produced its first pool back in 1995.


NIVEKO CONTINUE to build a loyal band of followers in the UK and across Europe.
NIVEKO CONTINUE to build a loyal band of
followers in the UK and across Europe.

Currently operating in 18 countries across Europe through partner dealerships, Niveko is synonymous with luxury, precision-crafted and technologically cutting-edge products. Winning a growing customer following, all over Europe, Niveko keeps up with the trends and using the very latest technologies to underline its reputation for high-quality pools.

Each order is handled on an individual basis, with the customer’s requirements in mind. Right from the initial design stage, the project involves close contact between the customer, the architect and the designer. Niveko provides all possible support in the form of 3D models and technical design documentation. Subsequent service work and long-term care for its clients are an integral part of all the pool projects. Pools are made using a specially modified High-Tech Polymer material which is currently the technological cutting edge with its extremely long lifetime credentials and high resistance to the effects of chlorine. The material contains UV stabilisers, so it does not age and still looks new after years.
Niveko’s extensive portfolio includes skimmer pools, especially pools with an overflow filtration system. The pool ‘Skimmer Top Level’ is an elegant solution with a higher water level, while the ‘Invisible Skimmer’ style offers a unique way of installing the company’s own skimmer, forming a minimalist transition between the pool wall and the water drain while keeping the water level as high as possible. Niveko pools are available in the UK through Certikin.

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