It is not too late to seal the deal on vital heat pumps sales…

STANDING OUT as a robust unit, Ocea urges UK pool and spa companies to push the heat pump sales button.

If you are looking for a valuable additional sales line this season, then think no further than heat pumps. With a plethora of choice, the pool and spa sector should not be caught on the starting block for heat pump sales. Ready? If you have not already sealed the deal, settle on your preferred supplier and launch an added revenue stream in heat pump products to support both new and existing pool and spa customers.

Get Set. There has never been a better time to approach customers to convert from energy-guzzling boilers. There has never been more cost-effective choice when it comes to investing in heat pump alternatives. Go! Cram those e-shots, social media posts and good old-fashioned mail-outs with the good news story that is heat pumps. “Air source heat pumps are the future of heating and are an efficient alternative that help reduce your customers to reduce carbon footprint, save energy and most of all, save money,” urges Gregg Titmuss of Cleanheat Leisure aka The Spa Doctor.

“Unless they have invested in heat pumps, I think many spa and pool owners are going to be thinking twice about opening up this season,” Gregg says. “Spending the equivalent of a seventh of your typical spend is an irresistible sales carrot,” he adds. Gregg has pinned his considerable flag to the Zealux group that has been producing, he says, the best water heating solutions for commercial and residential markets since 1999. Promoting the Zealux range of heat pumps under his new Cleanheat Leisure brand, Gregg has been installing heat pumps up and down the country but says many retailers are missing the heat pump sales boom.

The Zealux’s invertor technology works to maintain temperatures with a constant and low frequency. Designed to be whisper quiet, the low noise sound pressure is 35dBA at 1m. From the app, users can control the water temperature from a smartphone anytime and anywhere. Thanks to its reversibility, the Zealux is able to heat or cool water and operate from -20oC outside temperature. “ We can supply full technical training for dealers so the installation of the heat units is fitted correctly the first time, every time.

“Where time is pressured, we can even offer an installation and maintenance back up – so all the dealers have to worry about is the sales,” Gregg adds. With a warehouse packed with stock, ready to roll, Alan Thorne, Managing Director of Ocea UK urges the pool and spa sector to get on board with heat pump technology and snap up stock while it lasts. “The pool and spa trade need to be pro-actively approaching their end-user customers to offer a heat pump and take advantage of a saturated market that offers good prices and reliable units.

“It is a no-brainer to invest in heat pumps but you need to choose your supplier wisely by partnering with a supplier that is going to stick with its stock of heat pump and not leave you isolated in what is now a mass market.” Rather than a modified air conditioning design, Ocea UK offers the Vertical X heat pump that has been developed and optimized for the UK climate. With high levels of stock now available from Ocea UK’s Witney warehouses, the ultra-efficient unit offers up to six to seven times savings, on typical running costs, and offers whisper-quiet running credentials.

PARAMOUNT is well placed to support heat pump sales with its Electroheat from Waterco.

So confident is Ocea UK that it is offering a no-nonsense ‘return to base’ promise of a complete system replacement in the unlikely event of any mechanical problems. Golden Coast agree that energy prices are a big part of recent pool and spa conversations, but say owners can help to increase energy efficiency and significantly reduce bills with a well-informed heat pump investment. The team offers the Dura Pro range that is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to electric heaters, thanks to clever inverter technology.

For each kilowatt of energy consumed, a Dura Pro heat pump offers an output of up to 13 kilowatts of heat — that’s 13 times more efficient than a standard electric heater. Dura Pro heat pumps are built to last, with titanium heat exchangers that resist corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine. And thanks to a unique ventilation structure, they are designed to keep noise levels as low as 25dB — keeping things relaxing and peaceful for those using the hot tub.

The inverter-driven air source Dura Pro pump can reach extremely high coefficients of performance to maintain a consistent temperature of up to 40°C, regardless of the outside temperature. “The Dura Pro heat pump’s lockable, full-colour touchscreen is easy to use, and it provides real-time information on temperature and pressure,” says Adam Clark, General Manager at Golden Coast.

“Owners can adjust water temperature in increments of 0.1°C and track energy consumption over time to keep costs under control, avoiding any costly surprises.” Adam adds: “As they’re cheaper to run and reduce the environmental impact with lower energy usage they’re very much a win-win for owners, with an excellent return on investment.”

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