Colour changing LED lights offer a wealth of design options…

CREATIVE LIGHTING adds another dimension to this wellness project by Cheshire Pool Services.

Whether specifying for new builds or refurbishment projects, LEDs have transformed lighting for swimming pools and spas, and all water leisure environments, adding a wealth of options to waterscape design and ambience. Thanks to their long-life expectancy and energy efficiency they are also very environmentally friendly, offering a guaranteed way of reducing running costs.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have been a requirement since a directive relating to the eco-design was amended in 2021. Not only are modern lights far more efficient and therefore cost-effective than the 300w bulbs – the range colours and features available, means you can completely change the look and mood of a swimming pool, creating the perfect ambience for the pool owner to relax in.

Not only are LED lights far cheaper, the lighting contains no toxic chemicals, adding to its environmentally-friendly credentials. Plastica have made a conscious effort to adopt and understand the concept to give the best range of options, from standard like for like PAR56 replacement – while stocks last, all the way up to multi-light configurations which all link into a central controller to ensure synchronicity during colour changes.

PARTNER with Watertec for a host of downloadable product and installation information.

Plastica are able to supply this cutting-edge synchronisation across the size range allowing projects to have large PAR56 LED lights in the bulk of the pool, and details like steps or spas can be illuminated using much smaller units that all change colour instantly together at the touch of a button.

With an abundance of design choices now available, tile colour choice has an immense effect of lighting specification. If a dark colour is specified, the amount of lighting needs to compensate for this especially in step areas which is often overlooked. Managing customers’ expectations on RGB colours is also important as the luminosity is much lower than standard white.

Hot off the press, lighting champions, Paramount Pools, have just published a brochure on their new constant voltage light system from Watertec featuring QR codes. Here the pool dealer and consumer can download and receive an instant understanding of how Watertec lights can be installed.

Somewhat of a gamechanger is the new range of WT constant voltage lights. This system no longer require ‘drivers’ so the main contractor can connect directly to a 24V power supply. In addition, the consumer can swap out the standard cool white colour to any static colour or their choice. Any LED failures in the future can be replaced onsite by the pool technician.

There is no longer the need to replace the complete unit. Paramount have also developed a poolside junction box making cable connections even easier. Instead of having to run each individual cable back to the plantroom, an IP68 rated junction box is located (underground) next to the pool. Using Kailex conduit (100% waterproof) means lights can be retrieved, if required, from a short distance.

The biggest benefit is the main contractor only needs to run one SWA 24V cable to the poolside! Most lighting systems are controlled by a basic on/off switch or handheld remote control. For high-end installations DMX control is normally applied especially for RGB lighting. All applications can be applied to the WT range.

In development, Paramount have new WT light specifically aimed at saltwater pools. The rear housing is made from nylon plastic therefore minimising corrosion issues. Laboratory testing has been encouraging and we hope to launch the light in the summer along with RGBW version too.

CLEVER USE OF LIGHTING distinguishes this award-winning Bespoke Swim Spas

The new SubAqua underwater light from Dutch manufacturer EVA Optic is the latest generation of highly efficient LED lighting. Exclusively available through Golden Coast in the UK, the SubAqua offers a range of options to suit various lighting needs, including 25W mono and 25W RGBW with a satin cover for residential pools, and 40W mono and 50W RGBW with a microprism cover for competition, recreational, and instruction pools.

To ensure seamless integration, all existing accessories for the A series and RX series lights are fully compatible with the new SubAqua series. This means that customers who have already invested in EVA’s lighting solutions can easily upgrade to SubAqua lights without having to purchase new accessories or change their installation setup. The SubAqua light is built to last, with highly efficient, low maintenance LEDs, ensuring lower running costs.

As can be expected from an EVA Optic product, SubAqua is designed to be robust and withstand the demands of a swimming pool environment, making it a reliable long-term investment. The SubAqua range of underwater lighting is water-resistant up to an IPX8 rating and can be installed up to 25 metres below the water level. With perfect colour mixing and minimal glare, swimmers can enjoy a clear and vibrant view of their surroundings. One of EVA Optics most innovative features is its unique temperature monitoring solution, which automatically adjusts the lights’ performance to prevent overheating damage and ensure maximum lifespan.

Additionally, upgrading to a DMX Controllable multi-colour RGBW underwater lamp allows for easy transformation of an entire lighting setup at the touch of a button. Using a DMX controller, users can create custom light scenes and adjust the colour and intensity of the lights as needed. “EVA Optic has a great reputation for providing high-grade, dependable, long-lasting products, and the SubAqua series is no exception,” said Adam Clark, General Manager at Golden Coast.

“The whole EVA Certikin has continued to develop an ever-expanding range which includes the PU9 and PU6 lights. These are the most popular and reliable lights in the industry. For pool lighting, Certikin has continued to develop an ever-expanding range which includes the PU9 and PU6 lights. These are the most popular and reliable lights in the industry, with various benefits for the pool builder and customer alike. The company is keen to remain at the forefront of lighting design and deliver products that the industry demands.

It is through this close customer liaison that Certikin took on board the need for a small pool light, and in partnership with the manufacturer delivered the very successful PU2 Mini LED Light. Available in both RGBW and white, these highly efficient lights and are easy to install, have a high output, the neatest of finishes and the RGBW version is controllable via a smart phone using the free app.

Supplied in 316 grade stainless steel as push fit into 1.5” pipe for concrete pools or screw fit into a Certikin liner inlet fitting for liner pools. Certikin’s Pool Tech team have the knowledge and are happy to assist in lighting choices for pool projects. Certikin lights have been used in pools since the 60’s, with full size PU9 and PU6 options still very popular. The smaller PU2 lights have really taken off in the last few years with options of both RGBW and White, with push fit into 1.5” pipe for concrete installations and screw fit into Certikin liner inlet for liner installations.

THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a bigger choice of lighting options for water leisure environments. Pic. Plastica

RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White) app controlled lights have become very popular as they give the versatility of multiple colours and sequences with the practicality of also being able to give a strong true white output to illuminate the pool. The PU2 RGBW app/remote controlled lights continue to go from strength to strength, And with customer feedback, Certikin are constantly looking to continue developing this product line.

They give the end user the ability to dim or tune specific lights in relation to their individual locations. Historians estimate, over 20 inventors worked toward the creation and design of the light bulb. Of these, Edison’s version was the most efficient. Swimming pool lighting technology is evolving just as frenetically.

Driven by energy efficiency awareness, legal regulations and aesthetic improvements, suppliers from all around the world are fast-tracking lighting design. From fluorescent, through halogen and on to LED; all shown off with an abundance of fixtures and fittings – the possibilities for lighting appear virtually limitless.

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