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JUST INTRODUCED BY OCEA UK, the DEL Premium Alveolar promises the best thermal performance on the market

With the continued increase in global energy prices, alongside growing environmental concerns, maintaining an energy-efficient swimming pool has become more vital than ever. So perfect timing for some new and exciting product launches, all backed by research and superior technical know-how.

Stepping into the main spotlight, Ocea UK has introduced the DEL Premium Alveolar cover. Featuring new and exclusive, patented technology, the DEL Premium Alveolar promises the best thermal performance on the market and a unique design. Crucially, the DEL Premium Alveolar gives higher performance through enhanced insulating and heating qualities while being tough enough to withstand the rigours of regular use.

The cover boasts a 550 micron thickness limits material thinning and has to be installed with the hexagon shapes side facing the water. A reel system is vital for easy handling with End stands, specifically adapted to covers, available in several colours. “We cannot hide our excitement at being given the honour of presenting this ground-breaking product which will significantly raise the bar on energy-efficiency for our UK customers,” comments Ocea UK’s Alan Thorne.

“Sales will be easy to seal thanks to the improved thermal insulation that is seven per cent better any other products on the market, not forgetting the prevention of algae growth,” he continues. “This new and exclusive patented CF group technology is set to make a huge difference for pool owners and for its trade sellers alike,” he adds.

DEL END STANDS, specifically adapted to bubble covers, are available from Ocea UK in several colours.

Plastipack, the manufacturer of the award-winning, unique GeoBubble™ pool cover material, recently tested the effectiveness of its patented EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission pool cover material in saving energy costs whilst being used in conjunction with a heat pump.

The testing took place at Plastipack’s unique on-site testing facility, consisting of five identical pools in the South East of England. One of these 8m x 4m pools was covered with a 500 micron EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission cover, and the other left uncovered to act as a control.

Both pools were heated using identical 12.5kWh heat pumps, which were on timers and set to 28°C. Over the course of the 16-day test, the cost of heating the uncovered pool was £65.62, whereas the pool covered with EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission cost just £5.64, a saving of over 90%.

Launched in 2015, after years of testing and development in conjunction with the University of Surrey, EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission is the first swimming pool cover material proven to increase solar gains while also inhibiting algae.

In 2018, Plastipack’s Research and Development team were awarded the Business Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics at a ceremony at The Houses of Parliament in London in recognition of the ground breaking work that went into the development of this best-selling product

THE DEL PREMIUM ALVELOAR COVER GIVES higher performance through enhanced insulating and heating properties.

Lighthouse Pools are the UK importer and distributor for the unique pool safety cover system from Coverseal, designed and manufactured in Belgium. This cover system is the ultimate offering in pool safety. The specially formulated material pulls tight across the surface of the water and locks into tracks either side of the pool. The look is undeniably modern, crisp and unfussy.

There are no unsightly creases or folded material, no cover pump or hose required, no puddles of dirty water, just a smooth, flat, clean surface ensuring the pool is locked away, safe and free of debris until it’s time to be used. The patented Coverseal system is the only safety cover to work using solar and batteries, rather than hydraulics and electrics, making it an ideal hassle-free solution for pools perhaps at the end of a long garden by avoiding having to run down long power cables and hoses.

The solar panels are positioned on the top of the housing, ensuring the battery is kept topped up and ready for use. Fully customisable and suitable for all shaped pools, both the membrane and casings are available in a wide range of colours enabling the end user to choose a look which best suits their garden environment.

The cover is available in three options, manual, semi-automatic and automatic to cater for varying budgets. The ever-popular Coverstar, available through Certikin, is a seamlessly integrated cover system that is super-easy to operate and provides maximum safety (complies with French safety standard NFP90- 308) without compromising the pool’s appearance.

LIGHTHOUSE POOLS are the UK importer and distributor for the unique pool safety cover system from Coverseal.

The Coverstar system features unparalleled strength. Supporting the weight of children, pets and even adults, it uses the exclusive Ultra Guard III vinyl composite, rather than the industry-standard vinyl, popular with other manufacturers.

The high level of UV resistance offered by Ultra Guard III considerably reduces the level of colour fading compared to standard vinyl, plus it has high resistance to chlorine, acid, ozone and other pool chemicals.

Within Plastica’s array of pool covers, one can discover the most sought-after solar cover material in the UK, featuring Geobubble™ technology. This innovative material is meticulously engineered to uphold a bubble wall that maintains 50% greater thickness at its most slender point compared to traditional solar cover materials.

The outcome is a solar cover of heightened durability and strength, translating to an extended lifespan and augmented warranty benefits. Plastica showcases its best-selling covers, including Sol+Guard 500™, EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission, and the Blue and Silver Apollo 400. All these variants incorporate Geobubble™ technology, substantially curtailing water evaporation by an impressive 98%.

This achievement leads to a reduction exceeding 60% in water treatment consumption, amounting to substantial savings. Undesirables like leaves, dirt, insects, and bird droppings can mar both the appearance and water quality of a pool, while also fostering algae and bacteria growth. By employing these covers, contaminants are effectively kept out of the water, substantially enhancing water quality and aesthetics.

PLASTIPACK RECORDED remarkable results on its test pools in saving energy costs whilst its GeoBubble™ cover was used in conjunction with an heat pump.

Warranty coverage for these covers extends up to 8 years with pro-rata terms in the UK & Eire (4 years for the Apollo). Upon reaching the end of its life cycle, the Geobubble™ material is entirely recyclable, adding another layer of environmental consideration. Plastica delivers effective solutions tailored to the commercial pool cover market.

Their offerings encompass manual and motorised systems, as well as their eco-conscious 5mm Supercovers, available in blue or grey variations. The consensus now leans towards the installation of heat retention covers as the singular most effective strategy for diminishing energy consumption in swimming pools. Selecting the right cover can lead to a remarkable average energy bill reduction of 30%* annually (*based on actual independent live trials).

The UK markets finds itself spoilt for choice on a range of products that will serve to not only make a huge pool operating cost difference but will also clinch vital sales. In recent years, the urgency to decrease carbon emissions has grown significantly.

Many residential and business operators of swimming pools are actively seeking novel approaches to diminish their carbon footprint, mitigate the influence on climate change, and economise on energy expenditures. The pool cover choice continues to grow and is both broad and compelling.

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