The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Hot Tub & Swim Spa Company.
The Hot Tub & Swim Spa Company.

Switched-on hot tub businesses look to maximise the spending value of every customer contact.

While every website click, e-shot, home installation or service visit presents an opportunity for promotion and sales, it’s the showroom visits that are the top tier on the cake when it comes to ‘sealing the deal’.

The showroom is the window on your business, giving potential customers a glimpse of the quality and service they can expect, should they choose to invest with you. A warm welcome combined with bright, strategically placed displays and product promotions will set the tills ringing.

Display your top selling products at the back of the shop and customers will be guided along a journey of added sales potential from swimming costumes to cleaning nets and poles and infl atable toys.

For the Hot Tub & Swim Spa Company, creating a warm and welcoming environment within a well thought out showroom layout has paid dividends in terms of sales and kudos.

Wensum Pools.
Wensum Pools.

The company took the title of the Pool & Spa Showroom of the Year at the 2016 UK Pool & Spa Awards and was also awarded a Gold Standard in the same category the year before. The large indoor and outdoor showroom is located at Ruxley Manor Garden Centre in Sidcup, South East London. The company employs fi ve permanent members of showroom staff, with roles ranging from sales, marketing and advertising to accounts and showroom maintenance. Open seven days a week, the showroom welcome thousands of visitors per year, with its peak season falling between April and September.

“Despite internet purchasing becoming more common over recent years, we understand that when it comes to big investments, such as our Hydropool spas, the majority of people want to try before they buy. At any time, we ensure that we have at least one wet spa of each product range, allowing our customers to see their state of the art features in action,” says Managing Director Christina Clarke Mantoura.

“Our customers walk away filled with confidence that their purchase meets all expectations. It is easy for our clients to envision their spa in their own home as we create a setting that is complete with pavilions and outdoor dining equipment.”

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