The Lap Of Luxury

Wellis have recently developed new side panels, corner panels and new LED light logos to further enhance the visual appeal of their high end models.
Wellis have recently developed new side panels, corner panels and new LED light logos to further enhance the visual appeal of their high end models.

Forget stack ‘em high and sell them cheap. It is the high end sales that is leading the hot tub drive as consumers continue to demand more, more and even more. The calibre of hot tubs on the market today is increasing each year, with an abundance of exquisite features now available, either as standard on luxury models or offered as optional extras. Growth in the high end hot tub market is on the up, as more customers take advantage of finance packages to allow them to make the move up to the next level of hot tub ownership.

“Top end spas are differentiating themselves from the rest of the market mainly through contemporary design,” comments Alex Kemsley of Waterstream. “It’s no longer about big curvy shells – straight lines and angles are in vogue. But what is high end to a dealer isn’t necessarily high end to a customer; in fact a lot can be done with design without sticking a million jets, TV and sound systems on.” West Sussex-based Waterstream is a distributor of Villeroy & Boch hot tubs and the company’s bestselling luxury model is currently the Just Silence. The Just Silence has a minimalistic European design that focuses on cubist shapes and a bicoloured concept.

Thanks to the patented JetPak™ II technology, the hot tub has a multitude of individual massage functions for up to five bathers. Says Alex: “The majority of our luxury hot tub clients are London developers, high net worth individuals, designers and architects. Generally we don’t find that finance packages are necessary with this section of the market – the money is usually in the bank!” “High end hot tubs should have exceptional hydrotherapy, energy efficiency and water quality along with a great design in my opinion,” says Vicky Wrigglesworth of Artesian Spas UK.

HIGH POWERED : “Power and quality of massage along with reliability and build quality is so important.” Artesian Spas offer two Premium spa lines. The Island Spas range boasts patented Helix jets to provide a deeper massage than what is typically found with other traditional jets. This range also offers an exceptional build quality with high end optional features allowing the customer to create a unique spa. Meanwhile Artesian Spas’ Platinum Elite Class offers a unique patented DirectFlow system providing the ultimate power along with the ultimate energy efficiency. Each person can completely customise their own massage from their own individual therapy pump.

The Platinum Elite Class was re-launched in March 2016 with a brand new design and it has since become one of Artesian’s bestselling lines. The Dove Canyon model is particularly popular, along with the Grand Baha 61 from the Island Spas range. Says Vicky: “The DirectFlow system found in the Platinum Elite Class is something completely unique on the hot tub market and most definitely differentiates it from the rest of the market. We have been exceptionally pleased at how well the re-designed range has been received and we have seen a large increase in sales in this range.” Although Vicky doesn’t feel that there is a ‘typical’ high end hot tub customer, she does agree that finance packages have helped many customers take that next step up to premium hot tub ownership: “We have seen customers upgrade with finance options many times.

It makes luxury spas a lot more affordable, especially if 0% APR options are offered. “Ultimately I think every customer expects to get value for money no matter how much they are spending and if the spa lives up to their expectations, then they are very happy.” Looking to the year ahead, Vicky summarises: “Because prices have increased in the UK due to the recent exchange rate fluctuations, I think the industry feared the consumer response, however, we really don’t feel the high end will be affected due to these spas being priced at the top end anyway. Most high end customers are not as price sensitive as those at other price points.”

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