John Mabey_1Role: Sales Manager for Aqua Spa Supplies, the online brand for Aqua Warehouse from Chelmsford in Essex. We have massive stocks of plenty of great hot tub accessories and supplies with fast dispatch and easy online ordering.

Special Bits: I like to think we play a big role in the industry even though we are a comparatively smaller team. I like that we provide a trade service through our on-line shopping website services because it means smaller retailers can compete for Internet sales with bigger competitors.

Date Joined: God knows, I think Jesus was still in nappies.

Stand out career achievements: Being nominated and then winning an outstanding achievement award in the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2020.


My working day usually involves an early start. I spend that time answering emails and processing orders that have come in on our website overnight.
7 AM
I will then go outside for a cigarette and a coffee and enjoy the silence before the rest of the team start work.
I am already in full swing and effectively on my lunch break when everyone else starts work. But realistically from then on in no two days are the same. I never tend to have slow days, but in the quieter hours I do tend to do stock checks, order products and phone customers to capitalise on sales and to talk about forthcoming products.
The lunch wagon appears; it’s a caramel latte for (decaf) with a sandwich, bag of crisps and sometimes 2 chocolate bars (mental).
Some days our orders can go really manic and before you know it is 3pm. Now strap yourselves in for this one. I may have a sit down and another coffee, with cigarette thrown in for good measure.
My typical day finishes, or so everyone thinks, whereas in fact I am now on my home pc still answering email queries and doing all the bits and pieces. I just simply didn’t get chance to do
that day, in amongst all the wrapping of pallets, answering the phone and generally being asked a range of questions.
I normally have wound things up in time for a nice supper to relax and try not to be counting boxes as I fall asleep!

Due to the Covid 19 lockdown, times for social outlet have been few and far between. I have mainly been spending my free time watching films, writing stage plays and listening to music. My wife and I also bought a project house back in 2019 which has certainly taken its toll mentally and physically!