Nic WalkerName: Nic Walker
Role: I am the head technician
at Superior Wellness and work within a team of four people My role is to go out and fix hot tubs and swim spas and sometimes baths and showers too.
Date started: 2013
Stand Out: Nic recently won the Spa Technician of the Year award in the UK Pool and Spa Awards 2020 for his hard work, being so helpful despite being so busy and for creating the training videos to help the team.

My day starts pretty early – you have to be a morning person in this role. I generally work on my own and start my day from our head office
in Chesterfield. The first thing I do is check the CRM on my mobile to see what jobs are booked in for the day.
I always plan my route the day before and do the furthest away first. I then make sure I have everything I need for the day ahead including parts and equipment. I always make sure I take additional equipment or parts in case it is a different problem to what has been reported. I leave the office at 5.30am and get fuel on the way.

My first job is in Taunton which is 3.5 hours away. It is a hot tub pump that
is leaking. To fix it, I need to put a new wet end on it. Whilst doing this I record what I am doing as I can use the video to help with training team members.
I then test it is working and check there are no other leaks. I put the side panels back on and show the customer it is now fixed. I make sure they are happy before I leave then mark the job as complete on the CRM.

The second job is only 15 minutes away. Another engineer had previously visited this customer and further work was now needed. This was a quick job once I worked out what had already been done and only took 15 minutes. The customer is happy and I leave for my next job which is just over an hour away.

This customer has reported that the pumps are on the majority of the time and are noisy too. I fix the problem and also swap the control pack as well. The customer is happy that everything is fixed. This is satisfying for me too knowing they can now use the hot tub which is one of the reasons why I love my job. I always stay until I have fixed the job and if I am unable to fix it that day, I come back the next day to sort. Another happy customer!

12 Noon
I have a call from the warranty team regarding a customer who needs some help – they have a no flow condition; there is a cable loose and needs pushing back in. I call the customer via FaceTime and manage to talk them through this. It is more efficient to do this rather than schedule a visit-it means I can help customers quicker with simple problems.

Time to get some lunch before I drive the 2.5 hours back to Chesterfield

I get back to our head office and help wrap a couple of baths that are due to be delivered. I love to help the team out. Sometimes I might help to fix a hot tub. I then check the technician’s jobs for the next day and make sure they all have the correct parts ready.

I upload the training video I did this morning to the CRM for the other technicians to view

Before I leave, I fix the office table football – I fix anything and everything! And then have a quick game before I leave for the day. It is nice to catch-up with people in the office.

I am finally home; to eat, relax and sleep, ready for the next day.

I love the people here at Superior Wellness. The family network we have here is unreal. I feel really supported and part of the family. I don’t actually see it as work as I enjoy it so much. I love that fact that I have been able to progress and develop here. Superior Wellness really do value their people and want to see them grow. I can highly recommend a career here – I love it!