A Very Sad Farewell

SadFarewellOne of the brightest smiles in the industry, Sean Blake from Romerils, Jersey, died recently, losing a brave battle with liver cancer. Instrumental in the development of the spa market in the Channel Islands, Sean was an outstanding professional who could always be relied upon. “For the past 15 years, Sean has been the life and soul of virtually every Aegean dealer meeting with memorable moments known throughout the trade from Brighton to the Algarve,” comments Aegean’s Chris Perry. “Sean’s loyalty to Aegean was second to none and was representative of his character outside the world of business.” He was Jersey’s premier spa specialist, where he managed a superb operation introducing many pool and spa lines from the mainland to Jersey. Stephen Weller of Aegean adds: “He was great innovator, fun and dependable, a sad loss while all his friends in the industry will miss him greatly. “For my part, Sean’s passing is a loss of a great customer and friend.”