KLAFS OFFERS A COMPREHENSIVE range of specialist spa facilities including ice lounges.

KLAFS have all bases covered…

Whether working as an extension of the main contract team, or working in their own right, KLAFS pride themselves in setting the benchmark for quality in wellness. Meticulous in attention to detail, KLAFS, work extremely closely with every client to ensure that their needs are being met.

KLAFS, distributed in the UK by Guncast, with strategically placed offices in Cheshire, Oxfordshire and West Sussex, serves a range of commercial and residential clients nationwide. “We work to extremely high standards when it comes to design, installation and maintenance,” emphasises Gilles Darmon, Director of KLAFS in the UK.

“When we’re brought onto a client project, no matter the size or scope, it’s hugely important to us that we’re collaborating with the wider project team from day one. “Communication is key and ensuring that we’re working in partnership with relevant project managers, architects and contractors early on helps avoid any delays or complications later down the line.”

With over 80 years’ experience working with prestigious house builders, architects, developers and interior designers, one of KLAFS’ key USPs is the high level of investment that we channel into researching and developing new products. The range of choice on offer is vast with almost 20 different sauna designs, each made to measure and totally customisable, alongside a comprehensive catalogue of other specialist spa facilities, including steam baths, caldariums, mud baths, hammams, tepidariums, ice lounges, ice fountains and snow cabins.

Always looking to break fresh ground, KLAFS are proud to be the world’s first and only supplier of the ESPURO Foam Bath – a brand-new product in our catalogue this year, which we’re already seeing a lot of buzz around. Perfect for hotels, private health clubs, spas or cruise ships, the new product provides an unparalleled wellness and relaxation experience for your guests, releasing dense aromatic foam into the steam room.

A full sensory experience, the cabin is fitted with glittering mood lights and in-built speakers, which play a track of relaxing sounds, while fragrant coconut foam fills the warm and humid space. To ensure maximum flexibility for clients, the fully-equipped ESPURO Foam Bath can be newly installed, or fitted into existing KLAFS steam baths.

If there is already a KLAFS steam bath in an existing wellness area, you can expand it with the ESPURO retrofit option. A symbiosis of steam, foam, fragrance, light and sound the ESPURO is better described as a journey of the senses than just a bathing experience. The ESPURO invites bathers to feel, smell, then repeat. The first phase of the foam ceremony begins with the pleasant warmth of the steam and nurturing foam.

Fascinating light effects are conjured up as the cabin is flooded with foam for a second time. Bathers are now comfortably wrapped up to chest level in fragrant, nurturing foam. Relaxing sounds and soothing scents together with the play of colour and light evoke the spirit of sunset and walks in the woods.

THE FULLY-EQUIPPED ESPURO Foam Bath can be newly installed, or fitted into existing KLAFS steam baths

With a warm summer rain to finish, bathers enjoy the skin-caring properties of the foam before harmonious sounds herald the end of the journey, dissolving the foam bubbles into glittering crystals. Dermatologically tested with vegan care substances, the foam for the ESPURO is produced via an integrated foam outlet and funnelled into the cabin.

While providing perfection in every detail, the KLAFS goal is to minimise the environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint on each project. With this in mind, KLAFS have seen keen interest in its energy saving package called ‘KLAFS Green Steam’ which ensures steam generators are producing optimal levels of steam to efficiently use electricity.

A ‘green’ sauna is also available. For those looking to expand their wellness offering, the KLAFS team can work closely with you to discuss the product range at length, assess your individual requirements and find a suitable solution for you and your customers.

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