AWG NEEDED MORE SPACE to show off its expanding range of top drawer products.

Investment in swim spas for UK suppliers…

Leading outdoor living suppliers, The Aqua Warehouse Group has taken the wraps off a new showroom at its Essex headquarters. Underlining AWG’s commitment to showcasing top-of-the-line products to their customers, the new dedicated display space, is exclusively to promote the USSPA brand; the innovative spa manufacturer from the Czech Republic.

The USSPA display area features three top drawer models; including two swim spas and a luxury spa. These models are strategically built in a raised display area, allowing customers to fully appreciate their design and features. The raised display provides customers with a better understanding of their size and overall aesthetics.

AWG Managing Director Richard Hart explains the decision to expand was driven by customer demand for more choice especially at the higher end of the market. “Our customers always ask for more and, naturally, we want to deliver for them,” he said.

“It might be they’re looking for a particular hot tub or swim spa of a particular size or with certain features. “We aim to cater for customers with every budget and requirement,” Richard continues. “It’s so important we’ve got something physically in the showroom for everyone and that’s why we’ve invested in this larger space to house our ever-widening range of products.”

One unique feature showcased in the USSPA display area is the ACS (Automatic Cover System) cover system. This system, exclusive to USSPA, adds to the overall functionality and convenience of their spas and provides customers with a hassle-free way to protect and secure their investment.

THE ACS COVER SYSTEM ADDS to the overall functionality and convenience of the USSPA models.

The launch of the new swim spa showroom featuring USSPA is a significant development for Aqua Warehouse and a great opportunity for customers to discover and experience the benefits of swim spas first hand. Visiting the new swim spa showroom will give customers the opportunity to explore different models, test the features, and understand the benefits of owning a swim spa.

The expansion of Aqua Warehouse’s showroom in Chelmsford to a premises of 7,000 sq ft marks a landmark moment for the company, that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Since its establishment in 2003 by Richard Hart, Aqua Warehouse based in Chelmsford has grown substantially, now comprising of nine warehouses and a dedicated team of staff.

The business has expanded beyond hot tubs and swim spas and now supplies outdoor kitchens, and pergolas in response to the evolving needs and desires of their customers. They offer products from notable industry names such as Reef Spas, Vita Spa and Covana Automated Covers.

THE NEW SHOWROOM is a great opportunity for customers to discover and experience the benefits of swim spas first hand.

Richard says: “The launch of a new swim spa showroom is a fantastic way to celebrate this milestone of 20 years in the industry, I’m so excited to tell the world!”. “We had space for a lot of our stock before, but now we have much, much more – that’s a big benefit for us and for customers.

It enables us to showcase more products and cater to a wider range of customer preferences”. “Practically, it is going to make a massive difference for people coming to see us,” he said.

L TO R, Richard Hart and Martin Rigby show off the new showroom investment to USSPA’s Alexander Hartig & Martina Haubertová.

“Naturally, when people are making a big purchase like a hot tub or swim spa then they want to see it in person, get a feel for its size and wet test it. The addition of the new space adjacent to Aqua Warehouse’s existing award-winning showroom is a significant development.

Aqua Warehouse are backing the expansion with knowledgeable staff on hand to provide guidance and answer any questions regarding installation, maintenance, and customisation options. Being in the industry for the last years is a testament to Aqua Warehouse’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

By selecting USSPA as the featured manufacturer for their new swim spa showroom demonstrates their dedication to offering top-of-the-line products to their customers. But above all, Aqua Warehouse’s expanded showroom demonstrates their commitment to meeting customer expectations, Richard emphasises: “Our aim is to create a positive and satisfying experience for customers throughout their purchasing journey, ultimately helping them achieve their dream outdoor space.”