Bathing In Luxury

Bathe LuxuryTorquay-based RS Pools recently undertook the installation of a luxury tiled spa at the residence of a famous author. This was the second project that RS Pools worked on with MTA Architects. The RS Pools team supplied all the technical information required for the installation of the spa, which was then worked into the design of the overall building project and agreed with the client.

“We are a very small part of the larger construction process, which incorporates architects, interior designers, foremen, electricians, plumbers, builders and labours,” explains Robin Simpson of RS Pools. “A lot of planning goes in beforehand to insure that the correct equipment is on site at the right time, and that all the mentioned trades are not tripping over each other. Generally speaking the other tradesmen are all fascinated by the spa and find excuses to come and see what’s going on!” The 1.9m round spa was supplied by AstralPool UK and is beautifully tiled with stainless steel and chrome fittings.

The spa is fitted with a circulation pump, a boost pump for the massage jets and a heated air blower for bubbles. The spa is equipped with ten massage jets over five seats and an air loop with ten outlets.

Says Robin: “We opted for a 16” sand filter as it is easier for the client to maintain. Using a sand filter with multiport valve, the cleaning procedure requires turning the pump off a few times, moving the lever between the backwash, rinse, and filter positions. This flushes the impurities down the drain as the filter is cleaned so no need for manual labour.”

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