newImagine a world where you can monitor your clients’ spas, diagnose problems and source parts before you even step out of the store to make a service call.
Five years ago this would have been unheard of. But it is a brave new world for the hot tub industry and it is available now.
Exciting times for the market that is at last experiencing significant investment in training and knowledge, backed by new technology and practical hands-on support.
Synonymous with hot tub and spa manufacturing, Gecko demonstrated its new high tech tool kit at trade shows around Europe last year. They reinforced the new technology by delivering training in many countries, including in the UK, for major brand distributors.
“With our new APP, not only can the customer control his or her spa but, most importantly, the technician can take over control if needed,” explains a Gecko spokesman.
“We all know that 50% of problems are due to the customer, ”he adds. “If a customer says he is struggling with water levels, the technician can reset all the levels without even leaving the store.
“If there is a technical issue, say on a pump, the technician knows what the problem is and can take the necessary parts with him, taking away the frustrating need for a return trip. ”Gecko’s technical seminars are hands-on workshops on everything Gecko such as control systems, keypads, pumps and value-added accessories. They are designed specifically for spa and hot tub dealers and technicians to help them in their installation and trouble shooting work by learning all about Gecko’s latest products and technology.

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