THE SUPERIOR WELLNESS team will be chalking up the air miles with four major trade show appearances in six weeks this autumn.
THE SUPERIOR WELLNESS team will be chalking up the air miles with four major trade show appearances in six weeks this autumn.

Superior Wellness will be displaying their products in four major trade shows within a busy six-week period through October and November. The team starts with the AquaLive show in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on October 6, though to the Interbad Show in Stuttgart towards the end of October, then on to November 15 with both the Piscine Global Europe show in Lyon and the International Pool Spa & Patio Expo in Vegas opening on the same day.

Graham Message, Business Development Manager at Superior Wellness comments: “This six-week period is very important to Superior Wellness and offers a massive opportunity to promote ourselves to many potential new partners both across Europe and as importantly, the USA. “We are fortunate to have developed a strong sales team in Europe and likewise, we now have our USA sales team that we will support for the American shows, meaning we can meet the difficult demands of having two shows on at the same time in different countries.”

Over the last two years Superior Wellness invested heavily in having duplicate stands available in both Europe and the USA. This means they are able to operate at two shows at once with the same stand. Gareth Ward, Sales Director says: “It was a priority that we invested in the same stand for all shows we undertake in North America, like we do in Europe, which ultimately gives Superior Wellness continuity, especially for the marketing side of the company.”

The organisation and logistics for the trade shows can be very challenging especially when there is a short time frame between shows and the fact two start on the same day but in different continents. Sarah Elphick, Head of Marketing adds: “The planning is of the utmost importance especially for the marketing point of view, as we need promotional material and videos produced in a variety of languages and of course, each show requires slightly different material, so planning is so important.”

Luke Shiels, Logistics Manager said: “The challenge for my logistics team is to orchestrate the movement of all items required to land at the exhibition halls at the correct time, for the show team to build our stand. Luke added: “This can be challenging as we need pull stock from our manufacturing facilities as well as various warehouses in Europe and America to achieve this. So, there’s a few boats, ports and lots of lorries to achieve this, all of which can throw a spanner in the works.”