Call To Ban Children From UK Commercial Spas And Hot Tubs

Hot tubbing should be a strictly ‘at home’ experience for young people as concerns are raised about the upkeep of commercial spas.

A leading American politician is proposing a ban on the use of hot tubs and spas by children at hotels, health clubs, resorts, and other commercial establishments. The leader of the New Jersey Senate, Steve Sweeney, says the ban would apply to anyone under the age of 17. He has decided to sponsor legislation after talking to cardiologists who told him the water temperature in hot tubs is a heath risk for younger people. “Hot tubs normally run at 105 degrees and it’s just bad for children. Their body temperatures don’t I guess fluctuate or adjust as ours do,” Sweeney said. He says it’s hard to legislate parental supervision, so it’s better to just keep young people out of the hot tubs. He anticipates opposition from the hotel and leisure industry and says he’s willing to consider adjustments to his proposal to address their concerns. Leading UK retailer Stephen Weller says although children in hot tubs at home is a completely separate matter, he would welcome a similar move in commercial locations in the UK and Europe: “I am always horrified by the state of spas at holiday resorts and how they attract the attention of teenagers who cram into them; the water always looks horrible and I am sure that in most cases both the filtration and sanitation is incorrect,” said Stephen. “The same applies to the use unsupervised use of hot tub at holiday chalets where the filtration and sanitation is inadequate or even dangerous and all types of infections can be picked and kid faint from getting too hot.” Stephen is one of the UK’s founding fathers of the spa and hot tub industry. He says: “Many chalet and holiday home owners have no idea of the liability they are exposing themselves to offering a hot tub as part of their let, especially the majority of the type of tubs out there. “Hot tubs should be an adult experience, unless a strict code of practice, procedures and monitoring is in place.”