ITV’S THIS MORNING presenter Dermot O’Leary checks out the Superior Wellness Chill Tub live on air.

The Superior Wellness marketing team have raised the bar with Chill Tubs featuring on the UK’s most popular daytime show, ITV’s This Morning, as well as collaborating with former Olympian Sally Gunnell and Welsh rugby player Gareth Davies.

The marketing team attended the deliveries to shoot the content including a valuable interview with both, discussing how they will use the Chill Tub as part of their daily routine. Thanks to Euphoria Lifestyle and Castle Hot Tubs for the opportunities and for installing the Chill Tubs, both opportunities generated a huge amount of content which was shared widely online and helped to boost the profile of Chill Tubs.

Enjoying unprecedented interest, ice baths have become increasingly popular as a way to promote recovery and reduce muscle soreness after intense physical activity. An ice tub is a recovery technique used by athletes and individuals looking to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after physical activity. Some potential benefits of taking an ice tub include reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery time, decreasing inflammation and improving circulation.

Made from stainless steel, with a teak top and a black aluminium surround, the Chill Tub looks stylish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its temperature settings go as low as 3 degrees and it holds 400 litres of water. The Chill Tub also includes an anti-freeze function which prevents the formation of ice or frost.

A new website at was launched in early August enabling consumers to buy it as well as showcasing where their nearest retailer is. The website as well as looking stylish, provides a huge amount of useful content including the benefits and case studies.

The team have also launched a European site with an Australian and US version on the way to ensure the brand goes truly global. Gareth Ward, Sales Director, at Superior Wellness recently told us: “The demand is high and we are predicting this to continue throughout the year.

“Our Chill Tubs containers are selling before they arrive into the UK and we have more on the way to meet the demand. “There is a huge trend for ice baths at the moment as people are investing more time in their health and wellness. It is also an important part of recovery and can help to reduce muscle soreness.”

Superior Wellness

WELSH RUGBY player Gareth Davies takes delivery of his Superior Wellness Chill Tub.