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city slickers

The Hot Tub & Swim Spa Company recently supplied 16 hot tubs for differing grades of penthouses at the prestigious One Tower Bridge development in central London.

Christina Mantoura-Clarke, Managing Director of The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, was approached by the housing developers, Berkeley Homes, earlier this year, to supply, install and maintain the spas at the first of five residential blocks within the development.

“Berkeley value superior aesthetics, technology and functionality,” comments Christina. “We are passionate about excellence and reassured Berkeley Homes that their products would be as special as the development itself.”

The discerning client was clear in their objective that they only wanted exclusive products.
All 16 spas (six acrylic and ten mosaic) are fitted with Hydropool’s patented self-cleaning systems, meaning that they filter and clean 100 per cent of the water in 15 minutes. This ensures that the water stays crystal clear, allowing the clients to spend more time relaxing and enjoying their spa and less time maintaining it.

Christina says: “To ensure that we met the client’s expectations, we worked closely with designers over a ten month period and managed to secure an exclusive colour for the acrylic spas. Not only was the colour of the spas completely bespoke but following extensive market research of our client base we were able to design the hydrotherapy jetting appropriately.”


One major challenge The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company engineers faced was having to commission all of the spas in the completed block in one day. This required the team to carry equipment and parts up and down ten floors, which was both tiring and time consuming.

Fortunately, the efficiency of this award-winning team meant they were able to keep to schedule and all hot tubs were up and running in perfect condition by the end of the day.

“The spectacular views over London’s renowned skyline mean that this project oozes exclusivity, serenity and beauty,” says Christina.

“To the best of our knowledge there are currently no other large scale, high-end, residential developments that can take this volume of penthouse spas and we can’t wait to see the other blocks upon completion.”

The Hot Tub & Swim Spa Company
Tel. 0208 300 4003

Berkeley Homes

One Tower Bridge, London

Spas installed
16 bespoke spas (6 acrylic and 10 mosaic)

All spas fitted with Hydropool’s self-cleaning system