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WHEN THE STORES WENT INTO LOCKDOWN, one of my dealers asked me what we were doing in our hot tub retail store to keep paying the bills.

Roel Fassbender on added value, O-Care sales…

When the stores went into Lockdown, one of my dealers asked me what we were doing in our hot tub retail store to keep paying the bills. I said to him we had made sure we could pay all our bills and that he had already done that too. After some stuttering on his part, I showed him his profit was 24,000 GBP this year on O-Care subscriptions alone; PROFIT not turnover! Every new customer gets a large box of O-Care, this makes sure the customer uses the product for at least three months and they can get used to using O-Care. Our team helps to download the O-Care app and set it up for our company.
The App becomes the retailer’s app and is linked to the retailers online store too. Because the App starts up with a video the customer can watch the O-Care Benefits and the technician doesn’t need to add much to that story at all Just by asking if the customer would like to receive the product regularly and that most customers use it, will often be enough persuasion. We reward our staff even more with these types of sales because its a long-term commitment with a lot more financial gain.
We’ve seen the opportunities to combine this new sales strategy with our online offer and are looking at ways to support that even more.

Added Value Sales_13We are introducing a hot tub menu with every new install which shows the product with a separate QR code. This code is linked to a video in our webshop so they can watch and buy.
Everybody on the team plays a part into the introduction of products to our customers. They all tend to sew a seed and we have to make sure that when the customer is ready to decide that we have what they need to make it happen. An online store is necessary so when the customer is ready to decide they can without being stuck to opening hours or forced to go to Amazon.


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