CRYSTAL ISLAND produce many well-known brands including the top selling Oasis.

The UK’s Spa Supplier of the Year, Sunbeach Spas, have entered into a joint venture with Crystal island, one of the largest manufacturers in China. The multi-award winning Sunbeach Spas believe the move will cement the company’s position as one of the top tier companies in the spa and swimspa sector.

The move is expected to reap rich rewards for the Sunbeach Spas dealer network who can expect to see significant benefits from:
• Higher profile marketing campaigns
• Bigger UK warehousing facilities with more stock and reduced lead times
• Better direct dealership support, particularly with display units and payment terms.

Although not a household name in the UK, Crystal Island is the name behind many well-known brands including Oasis, Riptide and Allseas as well as supplying spas and spa products globally. Sunbeach has been the exclusive UK distributor of Oasis Spas since 2020 and have built a strong relationship with Crystal Island during that time.


SUNBEACH SPAS and Crystal Island have entered into a joint venture arrangement.


Oasis spas are renowned for being high quality, well-built hot tubs and swim spas and have earned Sunbeach multiple awards for their energy efficiency with their R18 insulation system and SmartSpa+ technology.

“This massive investment is set to not simply promote Sunbeach Spas as a standalone supplier but to position it as the distribution centre for Crystal Island brands in the UK as well, utilising Sunbeach Spas’ understanding of the UK market and their expanding UK-wide dealership network,” comments Wayne Green, Managing Director of Sunbeach Spas.

He adds: “This move will also allow Sunbeach Spas to leverage Crystal Island’s decades of experience in marketing, in increasing dealership and public awareness of the brand.”