Double Bubble O-Care Boost

Roel Fassbender says O-Care is a win, win, water treatment system for retailers and customers alike.
Roel Fassbender says O-Care is a win, win, water treatment system for retailers and
customers alike.

Roel Fassbender does not so much practice what he preaches…more that he preaches what he practices.
With 20 years at the retail sales coalface under his belt, Roel is looking to share his expertise and knowledge to enable UK retailers to add to their revenue stream at the same time as enhancing their customers’ hot tub experience.
Roel is a passionate advocate of O-Care, a water treatment system that boosts regular sales but is great for the hot tub user too.
“How often do you sell a spa and give all the water treatment advice, only for the phone to start ringing with those frequently asked questions, as soon as the customers hits a snag,” says Roel.
“O-Care solves problems for everyone – but especially the busy retailer,” he adds.
“O-Care is about adding value,” Roel emphasises. “It is not just selling a product…it is enhancing hot tub experience.”
Generally a lot less chemicals are used in combination with O-Care, so is kinder to the skin and therefore is recommended for families with children and people with skin conditions.
O-Care has been developed with German partners and is fully supported by a water maintenance problem-solving APP, available on the App Store or Google play for smartphones or tablets and easy-to follow website.
The O-Care Weekly Spa Care package is sold by retailers and most of the time they do this on a subscription basis with regular supplies triggered on an automatic dispatch.
Working in tandem with traditional sanitisers, O-Care is now being sold in nine countries worldwide. Retailers in the UK have already begun introducing customers to the O-Care system reporting outstanding results.
“We already offer a range of different solutions in water care but O-Care is different,” comments James Hallett of Happy Hot Tubs in Hampshire. “It is great to sell a product we know enhances our customers Hot Tub ownership experience.
“O-Care offers a great experience for both us a retailer and our customers,” James explains.
“Through auto-dispatch contracts we have secured regular repeat business. Not only does this give us a regular revenue stream but also great interaction and relationships with our customer base.” James says O-Care gives their customers a more natural water experience and has increased warranty on pumps because the product is kinder for wear and tear.
“O-Care simplifies the ownership experience and reduces the amount of sanitizer needed in a tub. Through autodispatch, customers save time and money.” The O-Care team will be at the Hot Tub Living Expo in Birmingham this October but are happy to talk through the sales and care procedures at any time.
 Tel. 01329 640 060