SPA DOC3If you cannot decide between a hot tub and a swim spa – then choose both!

Increasingly, a popular combination for discerning clients, this active family are great swimmers. They opted for a sunken deck level swim spa and a hot tub to match. Featuring a Hydropool 17’FX Aquatrainer and matching Hydropool Self Cleaning 790 Platinum Hot Tub, Gregg Tittmuss, alias The Spa Doctor, completed the project with a brief to deliver a low maintenance location with ease of entry.

Awarded a silver in the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards, the installation oozes clean lines, natural wood walls with plenty of composite decking for sunbathing. There are plans to add an additional heat pump system to reduce running costs. Says Gregg: β€œThe client was really pleased with the end results and complimentary landscaped garden. β€œThe budget was around Β£85k which was brought under budget by use of natural land fall and open plan aspect.”

The Spa Doctor
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