An outstanding combined hot tub and swim spa installation by the North Spas team…

Double Take_1What could be better than having your own swim spa?

How about a swim spa with a hot tub attached to form the perfect ‘L’ shape! This dual temperature TidalFit allows this family to enjoy swimming, rowing and hydrotherapy massage all in the comfort of their back garden.

The family were so determined they wanted this model, they knocked down their garage wall just to get the unit in. The swim spa offers adjustable customisable swim speed, in fact the family can swim from 1% power all the way to 100%.

The touchscreen panel acts just like a dimmer switch – they can even use 10 pre-set programmes which vary in speed throughout the workout. Each of the four swim jets is capable of firing 175 gallons per minute.

After swimming, the family can retreat to their 61 jetted hot tub, complete with the most powerful foot blaster jets. Powerful is the watch word with jets weighing over 1kg each and have 15 individual streams which pulsate onto the foot, powered by a 3HP pump. After originally exploring hot tubs, the customer felt a swim spa could offer her family more longevity and assist with her children’s swimming training. The youngsters are talented swimmers, competing at county level. Mum and Dad also take part in sports, in particular running, so a hot tub was important for their muscle recovery. A swim spa and hot tub combination fitted all of the family’s requirements.

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